Hey Hey – according to Bloomberg this little Ford Maverick turd is selling well in preorders.

Then again, as with the new Bronco, Ford’s current issue seems to be more on the end of actually delivering than selling. But hell I guess that applies to most every company these days with shortages and the ‘due-to-covid’ fallout… so you can’t totally fault Ford for that. (Here’s the article link to Bloomberg)

I’ll give it to Ford though…

The Maverick looks intriguing. And even more intriguing is the price point. It’s got people talking. If Ford can actually deliver this Maverick to consumers at/around 20k, while hitting a 40+mpg mark with that hybrid… I think they’ve really got something here. 

Not only will this kill as a light-duty fleet vehicle (pest control, parts stores, etc), but it’ll be a pretty convincing daily errand-runner for a lot of business owners & in-town commuters, especially with fuel prices getting dumb & dumber-er. Anything with a bed that’s easy to maneuver & inexpensive to operate is a win. And – it’s hard to look at this Maverick & not want to play with it a little bit (*giggles). 

What I mean is:

The Ford Maverick will no-doubt be a fun vehicle to brand, customize, and modify in light-hearted & creative ways. Similar to the 1st generation Scion xB when that came out. If you want to upgrade from the hybrid, Ford’s offering the 2.0 Ecoboost, making 250hp & 277tq in either FWD or AWD. A turbocharged 4-banger small-body truck with some recreational utility??… now that could work! Could this be the start of a mini-truck resurrection? Spring Break Daytona anyone?? I’m here for it. Somebody call Dan Cortese & Bill Bellamy. Dear Ford, if we could only get the Mav with a manual transmission, it might start to make-up for killing our STs & RSs?

Yeah – I’m still mega-salty about that. And I thought (and even secretly hoped) that would come back to bite Ford the next time gas spiked. But this new Maverick might just prove to hit the market at the perfect time.