Alright – back to rad things…

If you hadn’t noticed, the 2022 Civic Si is an ugly mess. But in the 90s, Civic Sis were awesome. You know what else was awesome in the 90’s?? Stand-up jet skis boi!

So back to the project ’96 Kawasaki 750sxi!

The last we posted on this project, we had done the fiberglass repairs to the hull. So next it was time to clean it up & and get some primer on it!

We used Total Boat’s ‘Total Fair’ to smooth it all out. 

Total Fair (photos above) will smooth out low spots, chips, and various imperfections. It’s a 2-part compound. Mix it together in equal amounts & it turns into a green putty. Apply it with a plastic spreader, let it harden overnight, and then block-sand it out. 

total boat fairing compound

Tip from a friend who’s a bodyman: Roll up a magazine into a tear-drop shape & duct-tape it up. That gives you a good homemade block-sander. We used 120 grit sandpaper to knock the Total Fair down initially, and then switched to 220 to sand it out smooth. 

Next up, this Kawasaki Jet Ski got primed!

As mentioned, we got all our paint & bodywork supplies from Total Boat – from the resin, to the Total Fair, to the primer, to the Wet Edge top coat. Total Boat has a good name in the marine world. Plus, it’s wise to use the same brand throughout the entire paint & body process, so there are no weird/unknown reactions in chemicals that could compromise the integrity or finish. 

We rolled-on the Total Boat high-build primer with a 6” roller.

This is Total Boat’s 2-part epoxy primer. And yeah – you can actually use a roller with this stuff. Then we let it dry & harden overnight. The next day, it was back to block-sanding just 1 more time, to achieve a really smooth/straight painting surface. Good things to some. And finally – there’s a light at the end of this sanding tunnel lol. 

total boat primer