Now this is a story all about how, you like to read features just like the Fresh Prince.  Gotcha.
This is a story about Dylan Outlaw, and his K-swapped Integra Type R.  As you can imagine, some Honda enthusiasts don’t like the idea of swapping a K-series into a Type R.  Especially not one with only 60,000 miles.  For some purists, a K-swap in a Type R is like finding out the cute girl you have a summer crush on… had a black guy for her last boyfriend.  (crickets)  Some people just get weird about it.  But Dylan’s an Outlaw.  It’s in his name… so he has no time for such thoughts…

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ENGINE/TRANSMISSION: K20z1 motor, K20a LSD, K-tuned fuel rail, K-tuned throttle cable, K-tuned shifter cables and bushings, K-tuned idler pulley, K-tuned coil cover, K-tuned TPS, K-tuned rad hoses, K-tuned billet shifter box, Type R valve cover, ASP intake shortened with k-tuned velocity stack and filter, Ported RBC intake manifold , Hondata manifold gasket, Hytec 4-2-1 header with 3” megaphone, Koyo full size radiator with 3 electric fans, A/C Kit, Hasport motor mounts, K-tuned fuel tuck kit, Aeromotive fuel pressure regulator and gauge, 3” Thermal exhaust with Magnaflow muffler, J’s Racing oil cap, J’s Racing rad cap, Spoon oil and trans drain plugs, Spoon coil cover pictured , Hondata Kpro – Tuned by Morris at Midnight ATL

EXTERIOR: Factory FBP paint, UKDM clear corner lights (OEM), UKDM rear tail lights (OEM), Special Projects P1 splitter, J’s Racing “HONDA VERNO” window banner, J’s Racing “VERNO” door vinyl

INTERIOR: JDM dc2R red Recaros, Nardi 350mm leather steering wheel w/ red stitching, Takata harness for driver’s side, Sparco harness bar , Miracle X-bar, K-tuned billet shifter box, OEM airbag delete, OEM radio delete, JDM console delete, Spoon shift knob, Spoon rear view mirror , J’s Racing spider mat

WHEELS / BRAKES / SUSPENSION: 15×7 +42 Work RSZR, 225/45/15 Hankook Z214 R-compound, Project Kics R26 gunmetal lugnuts, Earls stainless brake lines, EBC Brakes – green stuff pads , Buddy Club N+ coilovers 12k/10k spring rates, OEM ITR lower control arms, sways bars, etc, True Hart camber kits