You gotta give it to Volkwagen enthusiasts.  They will take a brand new car and cut into it like it was a can of tomato soup.  And in that respect – I guess Allie & Wes Cardy’s Beetle is nothing new.  But – in many other & additional ways, this thing is refreshing to see.  Because – it seems with every blink of an eye there is some new fad spreading like a virus across the car community.  They seem to come in with every new season.  But one style that seems to be timeless across all automotive niches?? – old school cool.  An authentic old school look, however, can be especially challenging on newer imports… endowed with big urethane bumpers, contemporary headlights, and technoed-up interiors.  Even though many like a classic look, the majority that try pulling it off on newer style chassis rarely seem to get it quite 100% right.  Kind of like taking a cute/cool girl out on a first date, but landing on Red Lobster as your go-to place to set the tone… right idea, poor execution, and a little short-sighted.  It takes a little more than a matte paint job or a rusted hood to get the full effect.  Even though both of those things, along with those Red Lobster butter/cheese biscuits, are cool in their own right.

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ENGINE/TRANSMISSION: APR Stage 2+ tune, CTSturbo cold air intake system, Steve Petty Motorsports 3in downpipe, Dieselgeek skid plate, 6-speed tranny

EXTERIOR / INTERIOR: Custom Metallic Teal Plastidip dip job, Retro style roof rack

WHEELS / TIRES / SUSPENSION: Accuair Switchspeed digital air management, Airlift Slam Series XL front struts, Slam Specialties RE6 bags in the rear, Innovative Design and Fabrication rear lower airbag control arms, Innovative Design and Fabrication one-off custom adjustable upper control arms, Standard Fabrications Company custom painted air tank and hardline setup, Factory non-turbo Beetle Heritage wheels  powder coated red, DIY white wall tires, Passenger side frame is notched for more lowness upfront – it’s a VW thing, Bagged & frame-notched 2 days after purchasing the car brand new

ACT clutch