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‘Obsession’ is usually a negative word. It conjures up images of preoccupation, restlessness, abandoned responsibilities, and bad decisions. Kyle Beinarauskas (Whaaaaaaaaat?) has obsession problems. But his obsessions create unique and timeless expressions out of cheap old Hondas/Acuras. Details get thought about for days, weeks, or even months. Even the smallest of details get discussed with friends, mulled over, and batter around in Kyle’s brain for inordinate amounts of time. Kyle’s obsession can sometimes make his friends a little crazy too… but it all ends up being a great formula for building an interesting car.

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ENGINE/TRANSMISSION: K20A2, JDM Type-R Transmission, SuperTech 12.5:1 pistons, RPM rods, S2000 oil pump with baffled pan, Blue print ported head, SuperTech valve train, Z3 cams, RBC intake, RCrew header, K-Tuned electric water pump, All in Fab tucked radiator with custom mounts, Action 2MD clutch, SONEM pie-cut intake, Custom pie-cut exhaust

INTERIOR: Replica Recaro seats, S2000 gauge cluster, Momo steering wheel, Custom 4-point roll bar