GM has been all over the news recently, for both good and bad. On the good side of things, they introduced the Ultium Bi-Directional Charging System, which is capable of storing energy as well as giving energy back to the grid from the vehicle. This is definitely an out of the box solution to a big problem that is currently hurtling towards our infrastructure. On the bad side of things, GM did get him with a $102.6M lawsuit verdict from a class action lawsuit involving oil consumption on some of their internal combustion engines.


GM has been in the news recently for good and bad reasons. On the good side; they introduced the Ultium Bi-Directional Charging System to help EV owners give back. On the bad side; they were just handed a lawsuit verdict for $102.6 million over oil consumption issues. #news #automotivenews #gm #generalmotors #ultium #ev #evcharging #electricvehicle

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