BMW, the Ultimate Driving Machine, will now offer the option to play video games on their curved infotainment screens. That’s great but my question is: Don’t BMW owners have work to do? Or at least snaps to chat? Seriously. What do you do for a living to where… you can afford a new BMW… AND ALSO afford to sit around & play dumb video games in it. Don’t you need to go sell something so you can pay off that car before it bricks itself in a few years? 

Call me ‘peak boomer’… but I thought BMW made real driver’s cars for adults with shit to do.

So why am I seeing all these modern BMWs that honestly look like Chinese knock-offs of a BMW. Apparently now with man-children inside of them playing video games giggling. What’s next? An air fryer for their pizza rolls? Maybe a little cooler for their Sunny D? Damn BMW… damn. 

Is this really what we’re mining giant holes in the earth for?

So that big babies can play video games in their luxury EVs while they’re charging? See this is what happens when BMW gradually quits making real, distinguishable driver’s cars that speak for themselves. They end up having to distinguish themselves with – gimmicks like video games. Which by the way Tesla already does. As a car enthusiast, it’s really uplifting to see BMW, an iconic driver’s brand with true motorsports pedigree, try to copy Tesla… a phone on wheels. 

Maybe I’m just thinking way out in left field here…

But if you wanna play video games in your car while you’re waiting for something/someone… can you not just play them on your phone? 


I mean you phone has an entire app store full of games.


Orrrr you could always go Classic Mode and just sight there & be cool with your shades on. Look at the real world around you. Roll down the windows & let the stink out. Nod your head to some reggae or Ratt. Think about what you’re gonna do for dinner. Fiddle with the rubber window trim. Maybe smile at a girl? Tell a dude you like his truck bro? Just a thought… you do you boo. I hope you win all the levels.