It seems like the verdict is pretty split on the new BMW M2 design (chassis code G87). In an unofficial/official gauge of my social media feed, it seems like half the people are really on board with the G87 M2… and the other half hate its guts. But hey – I’ll choose a polarizing automotive design over lukewarm any day. As for me personally though, I’m kind of split as well. I don’t know how to take it yet. The new M2 seems pretty glaringly overdone for a Euro. Like something you’d see at a Hot Import Nights back in the day… with an over-exaggerated body kit that kind of doesn’t naturally fit the small proportions. But – I say let’s be fair & save most of the visual critiques until we see it in person. I know from experience that some new cars that look good in person… just don’t photograph for nuthin’. And my instinct tells me that in person, the new BMW M2 will have a really rowdy presence to it. Even if it’s kinda chunk. It’s already growing on me, so let’s get to the goods. 

First of all, the M2 retains a manual transmission option.

Thank you Jesus! And while I don’t vibe with most of BMW’s overall direction these days. I do acknowledge & respect the fact that BMW is staying loyal to manual transmissions in their performance cars. In my opinion, that’s like, the one thread that’s still holding the sports-sedan segment together. So thank you BMW… and Jesus… you guys came in clutch there. No pun intended.

G87 M2 flares

The G87 M2 makes 460hp…

It essentially uses the same engine/drivetrain from the M3/M4… just stuck into a smaller body. That in itself is very pure BMW. You can trace those small-car driver-centric BMW roots all the way back to the 2002. And to stick a big engine in there with big meaty tires… that’s just purebred German BMW M muscle! Except it’s made in Mexico. But hey – so are all the other best hot sauces. The M2 should arrive by Spring of 2023. I didn’t see a bonafide price, but expect it to be outrageous & inconvenient. 

G87 M2 rear

The BMW M2 measures about 8.5-inches shorter in overall length than the M4…

But the wheelbase is only about 4.5-inches shorter. Meaning – BMW is pushing the wheels out & giving the M2 as much footprint as they can (for handling/stability)… while simultaneously reducing bumper overhang to make the M2 as compact & ‘weaponized’ as possible. There is also a carbon roof option that will shave about 13-pounds off the top of the car. 

G87 M2 carbon roof

The new G87 M2 makes 90 more horsepower than the previous F87 M2 model…

Which is really significant. And BMW boasts that this car is super rev-happy with solid, linear power delivery. It honestly sounds like a barrel of caffeinated monkeys. BMW also designed the oiling system & cooling system to be prepared for track conditions. 

G87 M2 front

BMW mentions the M2’s sophisticated chassis technology a few times.

Don’t know exactly what that means? Me neither. I think it’s more-or-less strategic chassis bracing & structural reenforcement over the base model 2-Series, which I’m sure is also exceptional it its own right. Here’s what BMW does: they give fancy little names to things… usually starting with the letter M. And then they use the name in descriptions, without ever really explaining what it is. They just act like you should know… and be impressed.

For example, what you might call a typical BMW t-shirt… they would call M Areolic Thermal Fortification. So with that said, the M2 has ‘M Traction Control’, and an ‘Active M Differential’. It also has ‘M Suspension’, and ‘M Servotronic Steering’… which translates to dynamic suspension & variable-ratio steering. The M2 has perfect 50/50 weight distribution, and is designed to be very controllable & somewhat forgiving even at the limits. I’ve always heard the original 2-Series cars could be snappy with all that boost & a short wheelbase. 

The G87 M2 has 6-piston front brakes. The front wheels are 19s, and the rears are 20s. I gotta say, it sounds like BMW really nailed it with the G87 M2… giving me everything I want at a price I probably can’t afford lol. 

G87 horsepower