Slammedenuff returns to the Smoky Mountains

One of the most anticipated events of the year makes its return to the greater Sevierville area. And with it comes thousands of cars and folks from around the country. Literally, trailer loads of cars being transported from the west coast – JUST for this show. If you remember last year’s show – it’s like that, but amplified 2x or more. Nothing but non-stop stance cars & friends. There’s so much to cover here, so let’s dive right in.

Friday – Vaded Mob Premeet

SE Gatlinburg Pre Meet Lineup

I got to the pre-meet super early on Friday for a few pre-booked photo sessions. There’s a gravel lot below the main lots that is absolutely perfect for a quick, simple & effective background. I’ll showcase all of the photoshoots at the end so be sure to read through!

Matt's E38 740iL

People came from all over the US and the lot started to fill up quickly.

Tim's HKS Mk4 Supra Slammedenuff

The level of quality quickly began to show…

Premeet Lineup Vaded Mob

Bagged Infiniti & FRS

Slammedenuff Premeet Car Lineup

It quickly became nothing but stance cars as far as the eye could see.

Typical Internet Commenter

This guy brought chalk for everyone to write on his Miata. I was his first customer.

Vaded Mob Premeet Cars

I should mention that all of the photos up to this point were taken before the official start time of the event. Going in chronological order here.

Lambo Doors VW Cabrio

There were also quite a few standouts from the crowd.

Premeet Track Style 350Z

As the sun started to set, the lot got PACKED.

Bagged Nismo & Widebody FRS

And ‘golden hour’ photos became incredible.

Slammed Mazdas Premeet Sunset Slammedenuff Pair of Slammed Miatas New & Old Rocket Bunny FRS

Cool cars & good company. Everyone kept it chill (for the most part)

Ryans Audi & Bagged Infiniti Q Anthony's Cima & Widebody JDM Lotus Evora Sunset Vaded Mob Premeet

As the sun finally set, I headed off to the after-meet. Yes, there was an after meet to the pre meet.

Light Painting Dodge Viper

What’s NOT pictured is the traffic. Stance cars surrounding you at every angle. All the time. When I finally got to the after party, it was well past dark. But everyone was having a great time & I decided to light paint a couple cars.

Saturday Showcase

Slammedenuff Saturday Roll In

Roll in on Saturday. The start of the event. I got to the venue super early to get my media credentials and started walking through the line.

Ashton's Evo X SE Gatlinburg Line

Immediately, you could tell it was going to be a great show.

Indoor Showcase SE Gatlinburg 2022

Once inside, you could see everyone prepping their cars with tire shine & quick detailer.

Bridgemoto Showcase Indoors SE Gatlinburg

Vendor showcase was also very well represented. Lots of reputable names in the car industry, both in stance & track focus.

Bagged Green Camry

The quality of vehicles in showcase this year was definitely a step up from last year.

Lowrider Inspired Infiniti G35

Speaking of quality – this G35 may be my personal favorite car of the show. The level of detail was insane. The owner had major lowrider scene influencing the build. Everything was polished and engraved.

Custom Engraved Forgiato Wheels

Even the wheels were engraved on the lips.

Indoor Showcase Saturday Slammedenuff

Overall, kudos to the Slammedenuff team for stepping things up this year.

Audi RS6 Rotiform Wheels Bagged Red VW Slammedenuff JDM Magazine Stand Widebody FRS Slammedenuff Showcase Skidumz Miata Purple Nismo GT-R R35 JD Customs Booth Slammedenuff Gatlinburg 2022

One thing to mention – so far, these photos have been taken BEFORE the doors open. Just thought I’d mention that.

Miniature Scale RC Car Midori EK Hatch

Once the doors opened, it got crowded FAST. So, I migrated outside.

World's Most Disliked Stance Car


Lo and behold, on the back porch sat the worlds ‘most disliked’ stance car. This RX-8 was subject to a viral video over the weekend. It was being loaded onto a trailer – and nearly flew off! Crazy stuff.

Stance Tesla & Rubystone GT-R

Anyway, enjoy the sights from the spectator lots – plenty of good stuff:

Slammed Genesis Sedan Dude Is That A Supra Eric's Arteon & FRS JDM Odyssey Purple Veilside RX-7

More spectator lot photos to come if you keep scrolling, but I eventually headed back inside around 3pm or so… and look at this.

Indoor Showcase Saturday Slammedenuff

This is why I decided not to stay inside for photos for a good portion of the show. As a spectator, it’s definitely not a BAD thing – but as media, I couldn’t hardly get a clear photo of a full car!

Slammed FRS On Work Emitz

Matter of fact, I’d say that the level of folks walking around while incredible, was also a good sign for the event. Attendance was up – way up.

Full House At Slammedenuff Gatlinburg

Then again, it’s not hard to see why. This show really does bring out the best quality.

Packed Aisles At Slammedenuff

New BRZ FRS Rocket Bunny Kit Luke's Widebody BMW Drift Car Marquay's Stock Turbo Just Chilling

I ran into Marquay – we are now friends on TikTok – and he showed me the stock turbos from his car sitting in the front seats. Wild stuff.


After the show ended, I pretty much could have been this guy. Excellent representation. I was beat. But, I had a couple late night photo shoots – I’ll throw those in at the end as well. Again, what’s not pictured is the night life. Had I slept more the night before, I would have been cruising the strip late into the night. There were TONS of unofficial meet ups all weekend. Gas stations full of cars. Parking lots jammed up with stance cars. Pretty much non stop automotive action. But I needed sleep.

Sunday Showcase

Ben's Orthia & Sinh's ITR

8am never came faster than Sunday morning. I rolled out of bed, packed up my Orthia and left the cabin (shoutout to the folks I stayed with, thank you for the hospitality!). But wow, it was shaping up to be a good day quickly.

Stanced Mustang

Cars were flying through the parking lot left and right to get in line. The staff were getting people in as fast as they could.

RayAnn's Miata Getting Ready

Folks were everywhere outside putting the final details on before they hopped in line.

Colorful Rocket Bunny FRS Slammedenuff Sunday Roll In Drew's Widebody Veloster Slammed Genesis & Jetta Rocket Bunny Roll In

Once inside, it was an unreal sight.

Slammedenuff Indoor Showcase Sunday

Nothing but quality, again. People were saying that ‘Sunday is the better day’ but you cannot go wrong either day. I honestly had just as much fun BOTH days, for the record.

Packed Indoor Showcase Sunday Slammedenuff

Just look at the sheer amount of cars in this photo. Every one hand picked. Crazy. I spent more time inside before the show to get photos of some cars.

Lambo Doors FRS Rocket Bunny Rohana Widebody C8 Corvette HKS Skyline GT-R Danger Dan's S14 Drift Car Crazy Widebody Z4 Roadster Macy's Bagged Jetta JD Customs Booth Sunday Showcase Slammedenuff Camberwell Booth Slammedenuff 2022 Matthew's Bagged Charger Slammed EK Hatch Clear Taillights Clear Tails Gang

I even managed to get a couple product shots:

Grip Royal Booth Slammedenuff Gatlinburg 2022 JD Customs Display

But once the doors opened, I went outside for a while.

Charlan's Red Civic Widebody Slammedenuff

It’s honestly like having both an indoor AND an outdoor show. Pretty cool stuff.

Nick's Bagged Alfa 4C Slammed Lexus & Subaru Widebody FK8 & Stanced Truck Bagged CTS Wagon Controversial Honda Accord Stanced

I’ll only speak on this for a moment –

Some cars got turned away. Slammedenuff enforced a ‘catfish’ policy at the door. This left several cars out of the show like the one shown above – and it got attention. But, Slammedenuff did state they would issue refunds to the cars turned around. Stand up move by them, they didn’t have to do it, but they did. A statement released after the fact also mentioned that their catfish policy would be ramped up at future Gatlinburg events.

Christopher's Top Secret GT-R R35

I took this photo shortly before someone with no license or insurance rolled into this GT-R’s bumper.

World's Wildest Pontiac Sunfire

Also, this was one of my favorite spectator parking cars. An absolute sleeper (of sorts). Looks like it hopped right out of an ad for NOPI circa 2004.

Bagged & Slammed CLS AMG Slammed R32 GT-R & Miata Stanced Domestics - Pair of Mustangs Slammedenuff Street Traffic Pink S Chassis Bailey's Bagged 7 Series Audi Trailer Headed Home From Slammedenuff

As Slammedenuff Gatlinburg came to a close, folks started to head out & trailers were being loaded.

Slammedenuff Awards Ceremony

This was the crowd of folks that stayed til the end for raffle ticket winnings & the awards ceremony. Crazy to see this many people – it goes up every year.

Mike's Stretched Scion XB Limo Light Painting

That about concludes my coverage from the event. Enjoy these last photos of all the photoshoots that booked with me over the weekend – including the one above, the xB limo. Thank you all for your support this year, it has meant a lot! Be sure to scroll down to watch our podcast where I talk about Slammedenuff culture and download our S3Mag app today!

Kese 370Z Bagged on TE37 Courtney's Bagged Mugen Honda Fit Grayson's Bagged McLaren Styled 3 Series Jay's Boosted & Bagged 350Z Dakota's Bagged VW Light Painting

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Text & Photos by Ben Battles

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