PSA: Be careful not to back into a tree & crack a taillight when you’re off-roading your big-ass new Hummer EV. Because apparently each taillight will set you back over $3,000. This is according to an article on The Drive, where a new Hummer EV owner had an oopsie & was quoted 4-grand (not including installation) for 1 taillight replacement. Not the set… just one side! Ouch.

Hummer EV taillights

I use ‘the tree example’ above because…

Been there done that in my Jeep. lol. The difference is, Jeeps are modular. And on a Jeep, you can choose from a huuuuuge array of taillight upgrades for a few hundred bucks. So in fact, crunching a taillight on a Jeep is kind of just a shrug-&-go-on opportunity to get better stuff. And as long as you have a screwdriver in your toolbox, you’re in business. Now don’t get me wrong, the taillights on the Hummer EV look absolutely killer! But…

Hummer EV taillight cost

With the direction the automotive industry is moving as a whole, especially in the EV realm…

The price of vehicle components are going through the roof. We’re talking – exponentially through the roof. Everything is so interwoven electronically, that even a single relatively simple malfunction can become crippling, not only to the vehicle… but also to your wallet! In my opinion, there is a responsibility on automotive manufacturers to create vehicles in a manner that makes sense for their customers. However, GM is building this 9,000lb, $114,000 Hummer EV with $6,0000 taillights like it’s being funded by the US government… ohhhhhhhhh. Well when you say it like that, it starts to make sense huh.

Car makers & car buyers alike – should have the foresight & common sense to look down the road to where this leads. And to see how it’s going to negatively impact the ownership experience of these cars in the not-too-distant future. Putting $6,000 worth of taillights on anything less than a supercar or a concept, just doesn’t seem to have your customer’s best interests at heart. 



Hummer EV taillights