Honda & Sony are partnering in a joint venture to make EVs… & I’m not sure how I feel about it. While I have some faith it could result in a ‘good’ car… I have nearly zero faith that it will result in a good DRIVER’S car. Because we already know what this is: A hotel alarm clock on wheels. More electronic than machine. All wrapped up in an uninspiring, indistinguishable, & peaceful crossover shell. It just never gets easier to digest that this is where the automotive industry is going. That the auto industry is giving it all up… to appease a consumer base who is withdrawing more & more from cars altogether. 

The Honda/Sony vehicles will be built under the name:

“Sony Honda Mobility” (SHM).

Note: they don’t even use the word ‘automotive’. It’s ‘mobility’ now… like a phone. Honda will make the vehicles, and Sony will make the software. SHM vehicles will be built in North America, probably in Ohio. Sales will be online. And orders/deposits will open in early 2025, with deliveries expected to start by early 2026.

(Pictured are the Sony ‘Vision’ concepts VS some real Hondas for sanity’s sake)

Sony Honda