Sheesh GM is continuing to remake the same mistakes of the past. And if there was a lesson to be learned by the big bailout in 2008, it appears they haven’t learned it. Or maybe – GM HAS learned… that they can rely on a government safety-net to catch them after poor business strategies. Too big to fail, right?

bagged C8

It’s already been announced that GM is launching Corvette as it’s own sub-brand with a Corvette sedan & SUV…

Now – it seems they’re about to triple-down & do the same thing with Escalade & Camaro. The Escalade will regenerate into additional luxury crossovers & such. Which I guess kind of makes sense in its own way. Except – don’t they already have f*cking Cadillac for that?! And the Camaro: Camaro will become GM’s new EV coupe & convertible… plus an ‘edgy’ EV Camaro crossover, maybe a 4-door sedan as well. Basically it’s like this: Just expect every model under GM’s EV future to become even more incestuous & commercialized than they already are. In other words – all sorts of variations of Corvette, Camaro, & Escalade EVs in all shapes & sizes… basically all on the same EV skateboards/platforms. 

Camaro SS

If it sounds familiar…

It should – because this is essentially a modern-day ‘EV replica’ of GM’s tired old playbook before the 2008 bailout. When they had Oldsmobile, Pontiac, Saturn, Buick, Chevy, GMC, Hummer, etc. The result back then – was stale, gimmicky, lackluster brands with far-too-many corporate/executive mouths to feed. And a lot of additional marketing trying to make those shit-piles seem different & exciting, when in fact they were all the same. Welp – here we go again. History repeats itself, but with EV subtitles this time. 


Let’s recap:

It was GM execs (during their ass-kissing of the current administration), who stood up & boasted a big virtue-signaled switchover to electric vehicles. American consumers didn’t especially ask GM to do that. There’s not a natural desire; it’s being forced. And no one’s even sure if ‘the future’ can support EV full-scale. The only thing we are sure of at this point, is EVs are not as green as they’re marketed to be. But let’s go full steam ahead, why not? Government safety net – remember?

C5 Corvette drift

The Camaro had no problem selling until GM put a butt-ugly face on it.

And then GM blamed the dwindling market for lack of sales. But now – instead of trickling-in some interesting GM EVs that are worthy of their own name & letting consumers naturally warm up to them… GM is now diluting iconic nameplates like Corvette & Camaro (and I guess Escalade? Not really). And they’re giving pedigree names to electric appliances in hopes to capitalize on past success-stories from an era where GM was exponentially more in touch. 

slammed C10

Americans have historically had a love affair for the automobile…

That’s because up to this point… the automobile has always meant something to Americans. There is a reason that badges like the Corvette & Camaro hold weight. But GM is now aiming to sell the badges without the reasons. That’s bad leadership. And it shows a lack of understanding & authenticity from top levels of GM. Not only does that make someone like me not want an EV Camaro crossover. It makes me not want a traditional ICE Silverado or a Yukon either… or any of it. It actually makes me want a Toyota. Go online & listen to the way Akio Toyota talks… versus how Mary Barra talks

C6 ZR1

When America’s love for the automobile dies – that’s it fellas.

There’s likely no recessing it. It dies with our generation. And with it dies two big industries: The automotive industry, and the automotive aftermarket. At this point, we’ve got a generation of teenage youth who, despite all the Hoonigan Youtube videos, have no personal experience of visceral cars. Nor do they have the desire to get it. For their entire life, mom drove a crossover, and dad drove a suburbanite luxury truck. And they – sat in the backseat disengaged. It’s all they know. So now we’ve got a generation of youth who don’t bother getting their license. Teenagers who are too scared to drive. Who have no idea what the freedom & feeling of driving is even about. GM business execs are sinking their own ship… again. They’ve turned their back on their own enthusiasts, and have chosen to cater to the uncaring. 



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