Mary Barra, CEO of GM, announced that General Motors electric vehicles will be moving to the Tesla NACS (North American Charging Standard) charging connector for 2025. That means GM vehicles will be able to use Tesla’s superior charging network. And – adaptors are coming for GM EVs made before 2025. As The Verge noted, it’s ironic & amusing that Mary Barra & Elon Musk used Twitter Spaces to jointly make the announcement… considering GM pulled all advertising from Twitter 6-months ago when Elon Musk became the owner of the platform. I bet this was difficult for her. Let’s just take a minute to soak that in. 🙂 FF to about 1:18 on this audio clip.

GM using Tesla chargers

So to recap…

Ford went first & made this same deal last month with Tesla. And this month… General Motors made it a 3-way. Meaning Tesla, Ford and GM EVs will all be able to enjoy the benefits & convenience of Tesla Superchargers. And Tesla will also enjoy the benefits of some additional government funding for being such a good boy. 

This is probably not the best news if you’re a Tesla owner…

Because you’re not as special as you were, and you’ll have to share your premium chargers with other makes and models. But if an EV future is what you dream about, you’ve got to see this as a big step forward for the greater good.

GM charging tesla supercharger

This is significant & historical news…

Because the 2 biggest American legacy auto manufacturers are conceding that Tesla has the superior charging infrastructure. In essence saying, “If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em.” In my mind, that means America has officially evolved from The Big 3 to… The Big 4.

Also – these partnerships are finally beginning to successfully standardize the charging networks.

That’s a crucial step if they plan to build-out the infrastructure anywhere close to the timelines they’ve set in place. It does give Tesla & Elon Musk future leverage though… doesn’t it? 

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