Golden Era Hondas – there’s nothing like ‘em. You can spend all the money in the world building more expensive cars… and not capture this feeling. Miss it entirely. It’s almost impossible to describe for anyone who hasn’t experienced it. And that’s… just part… of what makes these cars so addictive. So intimate. 

B18c Civic

When you look back to Hondas like this as an adult…

There’s no denying the simplistic yet intense & pure energy of the era. And it makes you wonder – why must we complicate things? Why must we lose our way? And why do people lose intensity with age? 


Nostalgia is a powerful emotion…

And it has a way of fogging the reality of the past. But there’s no fog here; it’s crystal clear: These cars were better. Their energy was better. This era was better. And it drew better qualities out of us. 

RHD EG hatch

I’m about to get oddly specific…

But for those 1 or 2 people who stay with me… we’re about to seriously bond lol. When the frequency/pitch of your Honda neck-deep in vtec… elevates to the same frequency/pitch as the Sum 41 song blasting on your stereo… and the two become one?? Something happens. It’s the perfect energy, the perfect pace, the perfect moment… and the perfect sense of perspective. Exactly what the doctor ordered. I wish you could goddamn bottle that energy. Because in that moment, there is absolutely no question of who you are, or what you’re all about. No confusion, no dilution, and no compromise. 

Car Owner – Tim Grace     Text – Wooley     Photos – Dave Otero

Captiva blue

swapped Honda


JDM spec-r B18c with matching LSD trans

Mugen v1 headers

Hasport mounts

Wireworx mil-spec engine harness

Gram 1000cc injectors

AEM fuel rail, pressure regulator, & cam gears

Competition clutch

S2000 clutch master

Buddy Club pro-series 2.5” exhaust

CSF radiator

Custom titanium intake

Tuned by Pito Tuning 205hp 164tq



RHD Civic


Recaro SR3 confetti seats

SIR-S black checkered door panels

Type-R steering wheel

Mugen shift knob

Miracle X bar

EG front


Full respray in OEM Captiva Blue

All new OEM seals/trim

Clear taillights

Mode Parfume front bumper, carbon lip/skirts/spoiler, mirrors

Custom carbon rear spitter

Chargespeed 20mm over-fenders

Downstar firewall block-off plates


Honda Volk TE37

Wheels / Suspension / Brakes

Volk TE37 concave in 16×8 +25

Toyo R888Rs in 205/45/16

Type-R steering rack

KTuned compliance bushings

Whiteline caster kit

ASR subframe brace & sway bars

Energy Suspension bushings

Function type-2 coilovers

Truhart front/rear camber kit, & rear ITR control arms

Wilwood DPHA front brake kit w/ Wilwood master

Stash Auto brake tuck kit

ChaseBays brake booster delete

clear taillights



EG Civic