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Geoff McDonough & his father run a shop called Cedar Performance, and they specialize in ‘stance & fitment’ of all things. Custom coilovers, custom air, hard lines, custom control arms, etc. Just speaking honestly, you might not think there would be enough ‘business’ to be a business in that realm. It’d be fair to naturally assume that the younger demographic of car guys, (ie: the original driving force behind stance), would be full of DIYers all over Google… saturating the web with wheels specs, measurements, and offsets down to the millimeter.

And they are!

But – there is also a part of the maturing enthusiast base, who sees the old-school value in professional expertise & experience. Because it’s true the internet has a lot of great information on it. But also has a lot of bluntly wrong information… with loose ends… all mixed in with the good stuff.

So – Cedar Performance is a thriving shop out of Nashville Tennessee with a small niche… and a national customer base.

Little backstory: Geoff McDonough had been the go-to guy, dialing-in & perfecting suspension setups for years at his previous shop. And when he opened Cedar with his father… the fitment-work just kind of followed him there. So even though he & his father intended to do track Miata stuff as their bread & butter (his father is/was a Spec Miata racer)… the suspension setups became a significant & welcomed part of the business.

Today, Cedar Performance offers FREE measuring, fitment, and recommendations for your ride… so long as you’re down to support the cause & buy the parts from them when the time comes. It’s a handshake ‘good-guy’ deal. In other words, please don’t use them for their time & experience… and then stab ‘em in the throat by racing to the bottom online to save 5% online. Because that ain’t cool.

Geoff bought this S14 from Jim Miller. The car was already pretty well known in the Southeast circles, and it already had the LS swap done. A nice, clean, fun car… but not so overbuilt that you were scared to take it out & drive it. Geoff bought the car with the intention of keeping most things the same engine-wise with the LS, but replacing the suspension components with more top-shelf parts. He chose Airlift Performance Struts front & rear, with Airlift management. He also settled in on Tein tie rods, with SPL upper control arms & toe rods, and Godspeed Lower control arms. All of that was catered to Rotiform USF wheels in 10 x10 -5 front, and 18×11 +10 rear. With 225/40 & 265/35 Federal SS-595 tires.


1995 Nissan 240sx


Lambo Grigio Telesto paint

Shaved antenna and spoiler

Real Kouki front end conversion

Silvia badges

Real Kouki side skirts

Custom rear lip

Smoked LED kouki tail lights

DDM 6000k HID headlight kit

DDM 3000k HID foglight kit

LED exterior lighting



Leather seats

Custom suede dash

Custom suede door panels

Custom suede console armrest

Custom suede headliner

Suede Nardi steering wheel

NRG hub

NRG quick release

LED Interior Lights



Kenwood head unit

Alpine component speakers

Depo Water temp gauge

Depo Oil pressure gauge


2001 LS1 motor/ECU 80k miles

LS6 intake manifold

Custom intake piping

Circuit Racing radiator overflow tank

Painless Harness

Battery relocation to trunk

Fuse box relocation

Hooker motor mounts

Canton Oil pan

Canton Oil filter relocation kit

Custom stainless oil lines

Chase Bays power steering line

Mishimoto radiator

MSD coilpacks

Walbro 255 fuel pump

Aeromotive in-line fuel filter

Aeromotive FPR


Text by Wooley   Photos by Ben Whiles