Meet Jagermeister. Brought to you by Motor Werks Racing in the hills of Cumming, GA

Motor Werks Racing is set to play a noticeable role in the spike of Porsche 924/944 prices here in the near future.

…Similar to the affect RWB had on the 911 frenzy.

The difference is: RWB tends to appeal to enthusiasts looking for attention. While MWR 944s appeal to enthusiasts looking for a race car. RWB owners want exclusivity. Whereas MWR owners have had it, and are now looking to escape all that… and rekindle some sort of long lost ‘purity’ in motorsports.

The Jagermeister story goes like this: Mike has a Porsche 991, and could be found at the track on any given weekend… blowing through tires & brakes on an expensive street car. And as good as the 991 is performance-wise, it was leaving him a little unsatisfied from a sportsman’s perspective. The 991 just does too much to coddle you. It’s like a fishing pole with air conditioning that catches the fish for you, keeps your hands clean, and then tells you what a great fisherman you are.

He wanted more.

Or maybe he wanted less.

Whatever it was… he walked through the doors of Motor Werks Racing to find out.

Matt began talking to Mike about his driving background & his passions, and what he was searching for in a track car. Mike had raced motocross professionally when he was younger… but he admittedly hadn’t driven a 5-speed in a looooong time. And man, he wanted to get back to the essence of it.

If that seems odd, you’ve gotta remember that with high-end company cars… manuals have been obsolete for 15-20 years now. And if you’ve been in the rhythm of life buying new sophisticated cars every couple years, the chances that it’s gonna ever have a manual gearbox, is slim at best. So Motor Werks Racing laid out a plan, and put Mike into just a normally aspirated 944 track car… to get him used to the feel of the 80’s 944 chassis without driver-assist, AND to reintroduce him to a manual gearbox again. Like all of those motocross guys, Mike was fast & fearless. So sooner than later, Motor Werks Racing started in on Mike’s end-goal Porsche 1.8T purpose-built track car.


Together, they set their sights on just over 2,000 pounds and just over 350 horsepower. That would be a sweet spot for a lot of the local tracks. Especially Road Atlanta, where you could really pull the trigger on the back straight. And especially with Mike’s motocross bravery to keep it pegged deep into Turn 10A.

To get to that mark, the 944 is running a 1-piece composite nose, composite rear flares (removable), and polycarbonate rear windows. The interior is absent of everything that’s not motorsports necessitated.

The engine is a Motor Werks Racing custom-built Audi 1.8T 20V with a Borg Warner EFR turbo (model undisclosed). It puts down over 400hp on the dyno. Behind the wheel, it comes on major boost by 4500rpm, and just keeps piling it on, all the way to 8,500rpm. It’s an ideal/thrilling powerband for a track car that lives its life high in the RPM range.

The engine is paired to a Porsche 987 (1st generation Boxster/Cayman) gearbox with a rear-mount alternator… allowing Jager to pull 151mph at 8,500rpm in 4th gear.

Wilwood 4-piston brakes do a stellar job of slowing it back down. And the wheels, believe it or not, are Rotiform CCVs. They keep 1 set on the car, and 2 more sets on deck, mounted with tires ready to go.

For Mike – the whole thing was about un-muddying the waters. And reconnecting to the hands-on side of motorsports. In the 80’s, that was something that Porsche owners knew a lot about.

Porsche 924 GTP “Jagermeister Tribute”

By Motor Werks Racing



1986 Porsche 944 chassis

Media stripped & seam welded with 6-point roll cage

924 GTP one-piece nose

Removable GTP composite quarter flares

GTP rear spoiler with extensions

Polycarbonate quarter windows & rear hatch

Push button quick-release latches

2,100 pounds



OMP RS-PT head containment seat

Momo Mod 7 Alcantara race wheel

Motorsport quick disconnect

6-point harness

SPA Fire Sense electric fire system

Porsche 997 raised cable-shifter box w/ custom MWR shift cables



Audi 1.8T 20V turbo engine with IE forged connecting rods

ARP main & head studs

AEB big valve head with billet adjustable cam gear, dual valve springs, & titanium retainers

United Motorsports ProMaf tune

Borg Warner EFR turbocharger

3” inlet/outlet air-to-air intercooler

450hp & 395tq and 8,000 rev limiter

Porsche 987 gearbox with rear-mounted alternator

Custom Motor Werks Racing axles

ECU controlled water/meth injection


Suspension & Brakes

Motion Control Suspension double adjustable remote reservoir shocks

Custom MWR Delrin bushings with caster adjustment

Box welded shock towers with billet camber plates

MWR 2-piece adjustable control arms with serviceable bushings & ball joints

Rotiform CCV wheels

-18 x 8.5  255/35 R18 front

-18 x 9.5  295/30 R18 rear

Wilwood 4-piston brake calipers

Cross drilled rotors

Non-assist manual brake master


Text by Wooley   Photos by Tony Serna