Speed Ring, presented by Motovicity, is a NETWORK EVENT for the automotive aftermarket. Forget the standard format, because in a lot of ways, you could compare the concept of Speed Ring to an industry-pinnacle trade show like SEMA or PRI.

Except – instead of being held inside a convention center… Speed Ring is held at an executive, members-only track in metro Detroit, called M1 Concourse.

And instead of all the cars being staged & silent… the track is HOT.

The vision is to keep it personal & interactive.

And unlike a standard industry trade show (which is close-door to spectators)… Speed Ring is open to ALL.

Speed Ring is not the biggest event I’ve been to this year. Or the most publicized. But it’s the best… with the most potential. And that’s a big statement I know, but I would defend it. Maybe it’s because, for me…

The purpose of Speed Ring…

Is to display all the aftermarket’s performance products in a LIVE & FUNCTIONAL WAY!

Think: motion.

The goal is to CONNECT ALL THE DOTS of the aftermarket culture! Mix it up!

And because of Motovicity’s successful B-to-B position in the aftermarket, they have the unique ability to pull it all together. Metaphorically… they’re just bringing the spiked punch to the homecoming dance. And doing what they do best – bridging the gap!

So the purpose is to bring out the vendors! Bring out their sponsored track cars! And get the aftermarket products on track! Showcase them AT SPEED! Put the enthusiasts, the shop owners, the builders, and the drivers (aka: you!) in front of the manufacturers. Let us all network, have a good time, get a little excited, & share stories. Let us INTERACT… you know… and see what sizzles. That’s what it’s all about – INTERACTION! That’s what sparks the magic.

If Detroit is at all within range, I highly recommend you at least throw this in your Calendar for next September.


You might not buy your aftermarket parts from Motovicity… but all your favorite shops & tuners do, I can just about promise you that. Think of Motovicity as ‘Amazon’ for shop owners across North America, giving all these guys an arsenal of tuning options to chose from. Except unlike Amazon… Motovicity cares about the quality of what they’re selling. They also care about who they’re selling it to. And – Moto can give solid advice & recommendations about their products… and take care of their customers after the sale. Huh… never mind… I guess they’re not much like Amazon at all now that I think about it.

M1 Concourse

Located in metro Detroit, M1 Concourse is an 87-acre playground for auto enthusiasts. It includes a secured/gated community of 250+ private state-of-the-art garages, and a 1.5 mile track with its own private Motorsports Club. M1 is a place where enthusiasts can keep, show and drive their vehicles – all in the company of other like-minded enthusiasts.


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