Coming off the Holley Ford Fest buzz… I realized I learned a little something from my fellow Ford bros this weekend. That is: Live in the moment. Truly BE where your feet are. Stop trying to live on/for social media. And… learn to rock the sh!t out of a mullet.
It’s just not that serious man.
My advice? Take a few photos & post ‘em up. BUT THEN come back to earth & soak up what’s around you. Let it sink in. Be vigilant not live the whole damn thing through a camera lens trying to ‘catch a moment’.
Friendships > followers.
Camaraderie > comments.
There’s absolutely no doubt that social media self-centeredness has changed the youth-end of the automotive spectrum. It’s changed the way y’all build cars. And it’s changed WHY you build cars. Some of you are trying so hard to be different, that you’re all exactly the same, annnnd your car drives like full blown AIDS in the process.
Try & remind yourself that social media really ain’t ‘media’. And it honestly ain’t ‘social’ either. You’re giving the content of your lives away to a platform that’s using it to sell ads. Prioritize it as such. And have a rad day!
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