Here’s a 2nd lesson that’s been settling-in with me from Holley’s Intergalactic Ford Fest: You don’t necessarily need to have the quickest / or cleanest / or highest horsepower car on the block. Sometimes ‘the best’ can honestly become a little expected & predictable… like fast Mustangs at a Ford event for example lol. Likeminded enthusiasts share a curiosity for the curveball. People just want to talk cars, meet a cool owner, find some common ground, and get inspired. They want to see something different than the car parked next to it… different interpretations of performance & badass-ery. Something forgotten, overlooked, refreshing, surprising, relatable, and maybe even a little underdoggy. And when it can still hold its own with the big boys…. well then that’s like, the ultimate fun, isn’t it.