I DID NOT expect to like the Honda CR-V Hybrid as much as I did. 

And I’ll preface by saying that I don’t have much love for crossovers period. We’ve become a nation of fat people in boring cars, or boring people in fat cars (I forgot which way that goes)… doodling down the road aimlessly. And for people who still love to drive, that becomes a pretty constant frustration. 

Honda CR-V radiant red metallic

And as a car enthusiast, it’s hard to get passionate about new cars that are… not passionate. 

But ALSO as a car enthusiast, it’s easy to become smitten by a truly smart vehicle that does so much so well. 

Honda CR-V hybrid MPG

The Honda CR-V Hybrid gets amazing real-world gas mileage for a such a spacious crossover:

About 33mpg average on the highway. That number may not seem groundbreaking to read, but the CR-V Hybrid somehow seems to live up to more than it’s numbers, especially when you consider it’s all-wheel-drive. To put it in perspective, we drove down to the beach, about 350 miles, on about 25 bucks worth of gas (pre-Biden prices). And that was loaded down with the family, luggage, beach toys/tents/chairs, plus my bicycle… all inside the vehicle. We didn’t need to stop for gas once, which allowed us to make the trip in record time… in a dang hybrid crossover lol. THAT’s where the CR-V Hybrid truly shines.

Honda CR-V interior

The Honda CR-V’s interior is a nice place to be…

It’s comfortable without being too soft, and it’s a clean design without being too clinical. The CR-V’s success lies in its thought-out details, not the trendy gizmos. The center console is clever & spacious. The interior can take a beating without showing scars. Visibility is great. Good sound system. Rear AC vents for kids… the whole 9. In short, the CR-V is very livable. And the steering wheel has a notably good/sporty feel for a crossover. I can’t be mad at any of it. 

Honda CR-V hybrid sunset

The Honda CR-V Hybrid has interesting power delivery.

I would not put the CR-V Hybrid in the ‘fast’ category lol. However, it does give you a punch of torquey & quick acceleration off a light, or when passing a slower vehicle. So basically, the CR-V is quick when you need it to be (which is smart). But – if you hold the throttle down across the powerband, it gets less impressive the longer you wind it out through the RPMs. I think a lot of that has to do with the CVT transmission… which sounds like it’s just begging you to please stop. But let me be clear: In real-world application, the CR-V Hybrid does perfectly fine to move you through traffic. 

CR-V hybrid review

The Honda CR-V’s exterior looks ‘good’ in my opinion.

I especially like the redesigned front nose on these things. BUT here’s the kicker: The CR-V looks like every other car on the road. That’s the only bummer with these things. The 1st-generation CR-V, in contrast, had a unique look. It is more rugged, more identifiable, more outdoorsy, and more happy. I miss that. When people say “all cars look the same these days”… this CR-V is textbook the same”. I lived with this car for 10 days, I took photos of it, I liked it… and I couldn’t even begin to draw it if you gave me a piece of paper. In fact, at one point, my wife walked up to some other burgundy crossover & tried to get in it lol. But regardless – I’d totally recommend the Honda CR-V Hybrid if you want a smart & stress-free family car that will eagerly take you on a lot of weekend roadtrips. Just don’t let the valet give you the wrong car back. 

Honda CR-V interior

Honda CR-V Hybrid EX-L 

Base Price  –  $32,750 (35k as tested)

MPG  –  40 city / 35 highway (read above for real-word application)

Horsepower  –  212hp (buuuut read above for real-word application)