The Lexus RC F has all the refined forethought & attention to detail that we admire & appreciate from Lexus.

But it also brings the muscle. It’s the calm before the storm, and it’s ‘the storm’. The car absolutely thunders with that 472hp V8. 

Lexus F exhaust

The Lexus RC F has got it all… except for the soul.

That’s what’s lacking for me personally. And I know I’m in the 2% of car enthusiasts who aren’t happy with anything lol. I get it. 

luxury coupe

Bottom Line: The Lexus RC F is a car for people who like styled, refined, well-performing cars… 

…But don’t LIVE for cars. And that’s fine. There’s a lot of people in that area. I’m not bashing the RC F. What it does… it does very well. My wife fell in love with the car. It definitely hugs you. But me?? I just wanted to connect with it a little more – bond with it. Lexus makes an outstanding product, but Lexus could stand to bring a little more fire to the F line. I’d leave it alone & chalk it up to me & the brand just not lining up 100%. But Lexus does pursue motorsports….. so I don’t feel like it’s off-base to ask for just 1 model that really brings the balls. And… I think Toyota/Lexus could absolutely kill it if they unleashed themselves just a little more with their F models. 

white Lexus RC F

When Lexus first came to market, they excelled because they put the luxury Euro brands on defense.

Lexus went hard on the offense. They made more car for the money. And for that, they earned a pretty savvy & informed customer base. More of that please! Offer a damn manual transmission in the RC F. 

-Just do it. 

No one’s saying it has to be exclusively manual. But stop listening to control groups. Don’t cater to the lowest common denominator of drivers who either cannot shift gears and/or do not see the appeal in it. Offer a manual in the GS F & IS F too. 100% these are great cars that just need to be a little more ‘hands on’. A little more unruly.   

Lexus RC interior

Price – from $65,000

Power – 472hp / 395tq

Weight – 3,900lbs

Transmission – 8 speed automatic 🙁