Nobody likes being wrong, but it does occasionally happen to all of us. It looks like Hyundai is NOT planning to manufacture the N Vision 74 after all. We got this one wrong and that’s on me. I’m sorry about that for a few different reasons. First, misinformation and bad reporting is a real problem in our world right now and I hate to contribute to that in any way at all. Next, it’s an awesome concept car that I was genuinely excited about. This is the only EV platform that has even begun to give me the warm fuzzies, so I was really bummed when Hyundai publicly squashed our dreams. Lastly, I hate the fact that Hyundai is getting backlash for this when they honestly did nothing wrong. Concept cars are always a big tease and this whole situation has been the biggest tease of all.


Looks like we got this one wrong, and for that I apologize #hyundai #hyundainvision #hyundainvision74 #nvision #nvision74 #news #automotivenews #conceptcar

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