The Rimac Nevera Sets 23 Performance Records in a Single Day! Personally let’s be clear: I don’t think I’ll ever be able give up the sounds & physicality that comes with soulful internal combustion performance vehicles. And that’s cool, because I also don’t have 2.2-mil to spend on an electric hypercar lol. In the video below, the Rimac test driver says you could be eating an ice cream in the Nevera while breaking most of these records. It’s actually weirdly unspectacular to watch the 0-400-0 record being broken. I’ve seen more exciting videos of k-swapped Hondas lol.

So while goosebump-inducing sounds, vibrations, and gear-changes will always be my true love

As an enthusiast, you’ve gotta be totally blown-away by the numbers the Nevera achieves. It’s mind-blowing! Just look at the record chart below & try to put it in perspective. And what crazy is: if you (ironically) had Elon Musk money, you could buy one of these, park it in your garage, & drive it to the store.

fastest car

When you see an EV hypercar put down numbers like this…

It’s impossible not to wonder how far performance will go. And the triumphs & tech will ultimately trickle down to more affordable cars (maybe, sort of). And this is exactly what I mean when S3 keeps saying, we should let internal combustion & electric vehicles compete naturally… and NOT force or mandate EVs into existence while rushing to put a time-of-death stamp on the internal combustion engine. Let EV & ICE go at it. BOTH will push each other & get better. And eventually, one will triumph. Or maybe not? Wait for it… maybe BOTH can exist in the same space… as BOTH EV & ICE have different appeals & attractions. Ain’t that a crazy thought?

I think a lot of peoples’ resistance to EVs at this point… is because we’re being forced (through unwanted legislation) to give up something we love (internal combustion). And forcing compliance is usually not the route to winning people over. Anyway – will kids ever put posters of a silent Rimac Nevera on their walls? We’ll see. But I went ahead and copied Rimac’s press release on the Nevera below… because there’s a lot of interesting information here. The following is from Rimac…

Rimac Nevera Sets 23 Performance Records in a Single Day!

Widely regarded as the ultimate test of hypercar straight line performance, the 0-400-0 km/h (0-249-0 mph) record is a test of acceleration, aerodynamics, top speed and stopping power. And now the Nevera is the undisputed hypercar champion, with a new record time of 29.93 seconds – over a second quicker than the previous holder.

On a test track in Germany, the Nevera secured a total of 23 independently verified speed records and – as well as its recent title for fastest top speed of a production electric car – the Nevera now holds the title for most performance records broken in a single day. It effortlessly smashed existing benchmarks, running again and again under full throttle conditions without a single reliability issue or any significant loss of performance.

Rimac Nevera

The records were broken at the…

Automotive Testing Papenburg (ATP) facility in Germany, using its 4.0km (2.49-mile) straights, and independently verified by Dewesoft and RaceLogic. Both 3rd party verifiers had on-site teams to support the record braking activities and to ensure that their equipment is in perfect running order. During its record-breaking day, the Nevera even outperformed its own official specifications, recording 0-60mph in 1.74 seconds (compared with 1.85 seconds). All acceleration records were completed with a standard one-foot rollout and equipped with road-legal Michelin Cup 2 R tires on non-prepped asphalt.

Rimac Nevera World Records Measuring results

Tests Racelogic Dewesoft
0-60 mph 1.74 s 1.74 s
0 -100 km/h 1.82 s 1.81 s
0-200 km/h 4.42 s 4.42 s
0-300 km/h 9.23 s 9.22 s
0-400 km/h 21.32 s 21.31 s
100-200 km/h 2.59 s 2.59 s
200-300 km/h 4.81 s 4.79 s
200-250 km/h 2.00 s 2.00 s
100-0 km/h (distance) 29.12 m 28.96 m
0-100-0 km/h 4.03 s 3.99 s
0-200-0 km/h 8.85 s 8.86 s
0-300-0 km/h 15.68 s 15.70 s
0-400-0 km/h 29.94 s 29.93 s
¼ mile 8.26 s 8.25 s
1/8 mile 5.46 s 5.44 s
½ mile 12.82 s 12.83 s
Standing mile 20.62 s 20.59 s
0-100 mph 3.23 s 3.21 s
0-120 mph 4.19 s 4.19 s
0-130 mph 4.74 s 4.75 s
0-250 mph 21.89 s 21.86 s
60-130 mph 2.99 s 2.99 s
0-200 mph 10.86 s 10.86 s

For its historic day…

This particular Rimac Nevera wore a livery created by the Rimac design team, inspired by the Rimac BMW e-M3, the brainchild of Mate Rimac and the car that inspired Mate to create Rimac Automobili. Back in 2011, the e-M3 thrust Rimac into the limelight by setting a number of Guinness and FIA-approved all-electric speed records. And now history repeats itself.

“Growing up I always looked at the cars that made history moving the bar for performance, in awe of the kind of revolutionary technology they brought to the road. That is what is driving me from day one – to develop new technology that redefines what is possible. Today, I am proud to say that the car we’ve created can get to 400km/h and back to 0 in less time than it took the McLaren F1 to accelerate up to 350km/h. And not only that, but it can do it again and again, breaking every other performance record in the process. If you had a Nevera and access to a track, you could do it too.”

Mate Rimac

Mate Rimac

“When we set out to engineer the Nevera, our performance targets were incredibly ambitious, and we’ve now managed to overshoot all of those. What I’m most proud of though, is that this isn’t a car purely designed for straight line performance. The Nevera can go from breaking records to driving over 300 miles on a charge, refilling from 0-80% in less than 20 minutes and keeping the most demanding drivers in the world engaged. The Nevera is a fully rounded next-generation hypercar that has been praised time and again by the world’s media for reinventing the world of performance. Not just faster than traditional competitors, but, surprising for a fully electric car, engaging and capable too.”

Rimac Nevera

Key to the Nevera’s speed…

Is its advanced battery system, powertrain, & software, all developed in-house at the Rimac Group. The front and rear powertrains – each composed of two individual motors – provide power to each wheel individually. At the rear, a 1MW dual inverter enables 900Nm and 470kW per motor, while an entirely bespoke front powertrain is designed to deliver optimum power and control. All systems are overseen by a complex web of in-house developed electronic control units, working in conjunction with an NVIDIA Pegasus-based supercomputer to calculate and send output to the four powertrain systems 100 times a second. The combination of all these systems, and the software that controls them, is known as Rimac All-Wheel Torque Vectoring 2.

The Rimac Nevera is limited to 150 examples and it is currently being built on the outskirts of Zagreb, with deliveries ongoing to customers all over the world.

Rimac Nevera

fastest car

Rimac Nevera

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