Hyundai N Day just blew the lid off this thing! The Hyundai N Vision 74 is, without a doubt, the most exciting new car I’ve seen in a long, looooong time. Like… since childhood. And even more exciting than that (than just one specific car), is that through Hyundai’s N Day… we’ve seen Hyundai N’s spirit. Collectively, Hyundai N is an army! And they’re moving as one!

Hyundai N vision

I am genuinely excited for the automotive future through Hyundai N’s eyes.

It feels… energizing! And that’s not some dumb EV marketing pun lol… that’s real! Because let’s be real clear… the way that the automotive industry is headed DOES suck. That DOES NOT make S3 a bunch of pessimists when we say that, that makes us…. conscious enthusiasts. But the future DOESN’T HAVE TO suck! Auto manufacturers are TAKING AWAY the driving experience. They’re out of touch with enthusiasts AND with what should be the heart & soul of their brands. They’ve done it little by little. And people who love cars have taken loss after loss… over decades now. Snap out of it and look around… new cars suck! Manufacturers are so focused on making giant ugly boxes that connect us to our phone & apps…. that they’ve totally missed it! Some of us want to DISCONNECT when we get behind the wheel. Driving is freedom, it clears your mind, and it excites your senses & your spirit! At least… IT SHOULD if your car doesn’t blow!

Hyundai N understands that! They GENUINELY get it! The N Vision 74 is more than 1 car. It’s proof of life!

Hyundai N vision 74

Hyundai N Day felt like automotive news when I was a kid.

Back when the future was something you LOOKED FORWARD to! Got excited about! The N Vision 74 is the type of car that kid’s hang posters of on their wall. Just look at the name!: N Vision 74!

You think a kid’s gonna hang a poster of a damn Mustang Mach E or a Tesla on their wall. Hell no man! And that’s exactly why the automotive industry has now lost touch with literal generations of people. They lost the magic, building cars for people who DON’T LIKE CARS!

Hyundai N vision 74 wheels

Hyundai N is saying all the right things!

“We will make the future exciting once again.” That’s the kind of thing you’d never think to say as a brand, unless you have a real deep grasp of automotive culture what’s going on here. There is so much energy inside the N brand right now! You can feel it. It’s beyond any press releases & statements… it’s in their actions, movements, and details! What other car manufacturers are talking about “imagination & courage”??? NONE. They’re building boxes while talking about ass-warmers & screen size & range.

Hyundai N vision 74 tail lights

It looks like Hyundai is going to be the first to bring an electric hot-hatch to market – the Ioniq 5 N.

The Ioniq 5 N is coming in 2023. S3 has never been “anti-electric”. We’re “anti-dumb-cars.” There is a difference. And the N Vision 74…. a hydrogen hybrid with twin REAR motors, one on each wheel?? Do you know how insanely rad that could feel. From the video, it also looks like Hyundai is putting dual-clutch trans in their N EVs??

Hyundai N wants to play! Game on!!

Hyundai Ioniq 6 N

Hyundai Ioniq 6 N