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Hyundai is teasing some big FUN-FOCUSED news this July 15th, which they’ve dubbed Hyundai N Day. From the video below, it’s obviously hinting at a fun-to-drive EV. Perhaps an Ionic 5 N to show the world what a fun EV hot-hatch could be? Honestly right now, if anyone can do it, we believe Hyundai’s got the goods to hit the sweet spot of fun, attraction, production, and affordability.

Another teaser showed a longer/wider/lower Mustang-esque sports coupe under a sheet?? Could that mean we get two? Porque no los dos? lol It would be genuinely exciting to see a raw, sport-oriented EV come into production. And if Hyundai has the confidence to drop two on us?? Well that might just be enough to start changing some perceptions of EVs & of Hyundai. Hyundai N Day // July 15th at 10:00 Seoul // 9:00pm on July 14th Eastern-Standard time // 6:00pm July 14th Pacific time. and on Youtube at Hyundai N Worldwide.

Hyundai N teaser

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