Hyundai had their big N Day and it was absolutely all that I had hoped for. It was extremely refreshing to finally see an automotive manufacturer looking at EV’s with the perspective and goals of engineering race cars. See, I’m not anti electric vehicles. I’m anti boring vehicles, and that is honestly all that we have been given on the EV market so far. Yes, I know that most new EV’s are very fast in a straight line because of the instant torque. But Hyundai seems to care about a lot more than just 0-60 and 1/4 mile times. They are looking to produce cars that can actually be raced and hold their own on the track. They want to make EV’s that are blistering fast, corner like a Miata, and brake like a Type R. I’m am 100% here for it. Check out my quick video below for more information, and check our article HERE


Today was Hyundai’s N Day and they rolled out some seriously fun EV race cars! #hyundai #hyundainday #automotivenews #ev #electricvehicle #racecar #ioniq #nvision74

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