Just a quick recap here: GM went ‘all in’ on EVs. They made unrealistic, & pandering claims. Now a couple years later, the few EVs that GM has released, have been an utter disaster across the board. We’re talking recalls (ex: Hummer EV), stop-sales (ex: Blazer EV), and severe injuries (GM’s autonomous/electric Cruise taxis) on rushed-to-market products. GM has lost dealer support. And somehow… they managed to kill the Camaro. These would be honest mistakes if GM had been honest & in-touch. 

But now – GM CEO, Mary Barra, is pivoting & trying to divert your attention to new promises of (plug-in) hybrids. Which is coincidentally the path that Toyota was so heavily criticized & demonized for pursuing all along. I swear, GM is just a politician that sells cars. Let’s see what kind of BS they throw at us during this year’s Super Bowl commercials.

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