ACT clutch

Today, Wooley and I made our way down to Ikea to start grabbing up stuff for the new office. We made a couple of scouting trips last week to start looking at stuff and finally returned today with a few dollars in hand (thanks to selling an old set of wheels). We didn’t get quite everything on the list yet but did manage to squeeze a full-sized office desk, 2 bookcases, a zebra print couch, bathroom mirror, coffee table, and side table into a Wooley’s PT Cruiser.

Here we see some of the goods while still in the warehouse section of the store. Note that the cool mini palm tree had to be abandoned today (we probably could have gotten it but it would have had to sit in my lap), however we’ll surely be back for it soon.

Around this point, we were starting to get seriously worried about all of this stuff fitting in Wooley’s cruiser, but continued anyhow. Made it through the checkout after about 15 minutes (we had this ordeal of wanting to use part cash/part credit card, and apparently the “real people” lanes don’t accept cash. This left us in the self checkout lane which wouldn’t read my credit card, but finally got help and got it all taken care of). Anyhow, finally got our goods down to the parking garage and quickly realized that the zebra couch was a bit too long for the PT. No worries, I had some MacGyver tactics up my sleeve and quickly grabbed up a few of the nice fabric Ikea bags I saw sitting on a shopping cart. With a little help from my multi-purpose pocket tool, I chopped off the cloth handles, ghetto rigged them together with some terrible knots, and managed to secure everything in the vehicle.

I was fairly certain that my rigging wouldn’t exactly hold, but amazingly enough we made it all the way back to Buford with no incidents. Upon our arrival there, we assembled the couch, coffee table, and side table, and got the beachy hang out room in the new place looking decent.

We’ll hopefully be returning soon for a second couch and a few other odds and ins (possibly a sandbox and hammock?) so check back soon to see the progress.

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