ACT clutch

First of all, welcome to the new S3 blog. We’ve been meaning to start one of these things for ages but didn’t exactly get around to it until now. Be sure to check back often as this is way easier to update than our website and we’ll be constantly adding content from anything we get into.

Anyhow, figured we’d start this off with news of us moving to our new office. For the last 2 years, we’ve been renting a 5000+ sq. ft. basement in historic downtown Buford, GA, however we’ve decided it’s time to move on. The basement has a certain neat style to it, but sort of lacks heat, air conditioning, windows, among other things, and is way more room than we need. It’s also gotten to be a bit of a wreck over the years so in place of actually cleaning, we decided that moving would be a better option.

Our new home is pretty much right on top of our current office, and is a 2nd story space in a late 1800’s building on Main Street in downtown Buford. Even though it’s a smaller area, it’s laid out much better and has 6 individual rooms, windows, working heat and A/C, and a bit more style. There’s even a big hang out room that features an awesome beach wall print which we’re already enjoying. Check out the pics below, or click here to go to the gallery and see even more. Be sure to check back soon as we’ll be documenting the move over the next few weeks.

lug nuts