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Here’s the new Hyundai Genesis Coupe Epic Lap commercial that aired during last night’s super bowl:

Really neat to see a company as big as Hyundai exposing drifting to such a big audience (approximately 167 million viewers). I’m quite impressed with the marketing efforts so far with this car as well (renting out Road Atlanta, hiring Rhys Millen to drift one of these cars for an entire day, launching to create your own commercial) and I’m even more excited to see these cars come out later this year. If that wasn’t enough, I recently learned that the Genesis Coupe will be available in lime green (a nice contrast from certain companies that think it’s cool to offer their new sports car in 1 real color and 5 shades of gray), and that Hyundiai has started a Genesis Forest project which will offset 93,170 metric tons of CO2 through the permanent conservation and reforestation of more than 3,000 acres of tropical forest (yes, I’m a nerd and actually enjoy the outdoors and trees). Still not sure I’ll be able to afford one on my not quite extravagant salary, but I’ll definitely be trying to figure something out.


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