First of all, it’s like 9 degrees outside and our office does not currently have heat. Second, the terrorist himself, Yousef has been calling me all day (haha. J/k Yousef, I love you….no homo). The biggest problem today is that the sport compact car scene is at a standstill. Do you know what has happened here at the S3 office for the last 3 days? Nothing, that’s what. Wooley has writer’s block, Cody is dead in the trunk of a Crown Vic somewhere, and I can’t get a single company to commit to advertise with us!!! It’s all doom and gloom out there. The space heater next to my feet is showing me more love than this industry right now. I understand that times are hard right now, but damn. I only got 3 emails today…..3! Come on guys, help us out! I don’t want to jump off the wagon again….j/k. End rant.