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Does anyone else feel like Elon Musk might be crossing over to super villain? I’m not saying he is or isn’t. But I am saying… call & check-in on ya boy every once in a while. He’s got a look in his eye. And I’m seeing scenarios where he’s starting to prioritize his visions for the future… over the best interests of humanity. Hell even the design of the Tesla logo’s starting to look convincingly villain-ish the more you look at it.

tesla too far

1) Elon Musk’s humanoid robot, Optimus.

Gee… I wonder how this could possibly go wrong. Am I the only one that’s seen i,Robot? The villain in that movie believed he was going great things for humanity too. Spoiler alert: These humanoid robots could be hacked. They could be weaponized, they could invade towns & spread viruses, and they could keep you captive in your home in the instance of such viruses… “for your safety”.

Ok ok – I’ll take my tinfoil hat off. My bad. It’s not like we’ll ever have a manufactured virus spread across the world & have to endure stay-at-home orders that completely wreck the economy for years & cause people to have major social interaction issues. I’m sure Elon’s got it all under control.

Here’s a thought though: If your future fat ass wants a soda, get up, go to the fridge, & get one. You don’t need a robot for that. Best case scenario, these Tesla humanoids make real humans even more helpless & pathetic than they’re already getting. Worst case scenario, it ends us. Musk says these robots will allow people to enjoy their lives in new unimaginable ways. A “future of abundance, a future where there is no poverty, a future where you can have whatever you want in terms of products and services.” Yeah that should blip your suspect-o-meter a little bit. But I think what Elon Musk can’t imagine, is that some of us like to do physical things… for hobby, for a living, or simply for fresh air & therapy. Some of us desire to live a more hands-on real world life. Plus – it gets hard to sit back & enjoy life… when a robot stole your job & is banging your wife. 

optimus humanoid

2) Tesla’s Full Self-Drive (FSD)

Tesla is essentially using public roadways to real-world test its Full Self-Driving (FSD) software. And it’s not perfect either. People have died. The stuff has flaws. But again, I can only assume that Elon Musk believes this is some sort of necessary bump in the road towards an idealistic utopian pod future. His vision: A future where we’re mostly incapable… & mostly dependent on artificial intelligence to think for us. I don’t want that future. I don’t want my children & grandchildren to be Wall-E blobs. Now it would be one thing if Elon Musk just offered this tech to the public & let the consumers decide what they want. That’s fair. But when the NTSB starts trying to mandate similar tech into ALL new vehicles ‘for our safety’… well then we’re all being forced to conform to Elon Musk’s auto-pod future. 


I’m sure Elon Musk has good intentions.

But – real bad things can result from good intentions… especially when you get too caught-up in your own press. And your customers elevate, praise, & defend you like a deity. It’s hard to see through that.

Not long ago at all – it was energizing to watch Elon Musk shake up the world. Shoot cars into space while referencing great movies. Play with stocks so the good guys could win. Buy a major social media platform for the sake of freedom of speech. And generally spin the status quo off its axis. Elon emerged as this innovative, slick & savvy, renegade rich digital cowboy. And that was something radical. But between 1) EVs now forcefully/politically taking over the market, 2) an unhealthy/foolish obsession with autonomy, and 3) these humanoid global disasters in the making… I’m just looking for some reassurance that Elon Musk is still on the side of fun & freedom. 

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Elon musk humanoid robot optimus