The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) is at it again. Back in September, they piped-up about how they want all new vehicles to have alcohol detectors in them. And within those statements, they also low-key mentioned that all new cars should have speed-limiting technology to keep the vehicles from being able to exceed posted speed limits. We jumped all over that BS, and you can read it here. Or watch it here.

Well now the NTSB is coming on stronger & bolder about the speed limiters…

With the help of New York City of course, they are testing speed limiting technology in some of NYC’s fleet vehicles… and lobbying that this technology goes into every new consumer vehicle.

It works exactly how you think it would: Your vehicle will not let you speed.

Simple as that. Your pedal goes dead when the vehicle reaches the posted speed limit, and you are not in control. There is a button that can be pushed for ‘15 seconds of juice’ if you have an emergency and/or were trying to avoid a potential accident or crime etc… but that’s it. Your father’s having a heart attack? 15 seconds is what you get. Watch this demonstration video for yourself.

Ladies & gentlemen, you need to understand this loud & clear:

These people are morons. They’re clowns, and they’re clueless. AND – they think they can do a better job of running your life than you can. That should seriously concern you.

Speed-limiters will not eliminate accidents, they will just create new stupider ones. You know why?

Because SPEED isn’t the real problem…

Bad drivers are the real problem. Distracted drivers are the real problem. A lack of driver training in this country is a real problem. And bad roadways & traffic issues are a very notable issue.

But let’s not acknowledge the real problems huh? 

Instead – let’s bury our heads even further up our technology-dependent asses & create even more incapable drivers.

Dear NTSB…

If you want to create a more strenuous driver’s test, you will save lives. Adding controlled at-the-limit scenarios like a skid pads, aggressive lane changes, and threshold breaking exercises… will save lives. A basic IQ test will save lives. Classroom time will save lives. But trying to remove my ability to control my own vehicle will not make me safer… and it is not something I will accept.



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