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I got this email today from Turbonetics. If you have a sec… read it and honestly let me know what you think: do you think stuff like this is cool and in touch with the scene, or do you think it should be punished?

Dear Jonathan Wooley,
Congratulations to Slade McClure from Utah who has won this months inaugural Turbonetics Facebook Fan prize drawing. It is fitting that a guy with a new R35 Skyline as his profile pic should win the first drawing of the year. We swear it was random. Slade says it is his dream car, us too man, us too. We went really big to kick off the first award of the year and Slade has won an awesome Spearco 5-374 Intercooler. Good for 500 HP it measures 3.50″x7.90″x20.00″. Slade can put it on a car, use it as a coffee filter, set it on the family mantle to show off or do whatever he wants with it.

So here is my call to all of you, we haven’t told you how we are going to pick next months winners have we? Post pictures of your rides, drop us some good turbo videos, or write some notes on the Turbonetics Wall. All we want is some great community interaction and you too could win some great prizes like Turbonetics T-Shirts, Jackets, or ahhemm, wastegates, by-pass valves or even maybe a turbo for a special occasion later this year. You never know what you could win now that I am a Facebook junkie!

If you are not a fan yet click on the link below to become eligible to win great prizes. To find out about the Turbonetics Facebook Fan Page and the prize drawing you can read more at our Turbo Blog.

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