MXP exhaust


Hyundai announced production of Genesis Coupe R-Spec. The car will run the turbo 4 . . . and Hyundai is stripping it of some of the nonessential bullsh*t pieces in order to save weight and save some of our money. Bluetooth gone, cruise control gone, auto headlights gone, fancy chrome interior pieces gone, steering wheel audio control gone. But the car is equipped with the more important pieces. Turbo check, limited-slip check, Brembo 4-piston check. It will be priced at $23,750 . . . that’s a 3-grand savings for removing the bullsh*t. Red, black, or white.

This car is for us . . . and Hyundai’s trying to make sure that we have it. So far . . . they’ve been making all the right moves.

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