We already knew that Jaguar was going full-scale EV. Big whoop though: A lot of car companies made that claim over the last few years. So much so, that it became a me-too ‘boy cries wolf’ situation. And more recently, a lot of car companies have ALSO had to walk-back those promises. Especially after getting reamed by low demand, high costs, quality control issues, stop-sales, dependencies on China, etc. But here comes Jaguar again, not reading the room (again), and laying it all on the line. In a nutshell, here is Jaguar’s “plan”:

Jaguar F type

Jaguar will stop making all their internal combustion cars this June…

However – they don’t have a real EV lineup to replace them yet (unless you count vague renderings). So Jag’s plan… is to OVER-manufacture their gas-powered vehicles until June, then pull the plug on them… then continue to sell the premade ICE cars for another year or two until the EVs come through the pipeline. Whoa. 

Jaguar F Pace

Jaguar really thinks people are gonna buy their day-old doughnuts?!

Bad idea dude. They’re actually, for real, going to pledge that full-scale electrification is their future… when all they have to sell is their overstocked past?? Listen – the types of consumers who would typically scoop-up these remaining gas-powered Jags, are the sensible & educated consumers playing the long game. Meaning – it’s the people who know that this decade’s EV-offerings are gonna be plagued with issues, obsolescence, & plummeting values. And those kinds of people, buy Toyotas… not Jaguars. Jaguar fans bought Jags for their romance, nuances, authenticity, pedigree, & seductive exhaust notes. Which according to Jaguar, is their past now. 

Aside from like… Tesla, Hyundai/Kia, & the Chinese

Practically none of these legacy carmakers can manage to get an EV out on schedule. And if they do, it’s rushed to market, riddled with brand-damaging issues, and 30-40% more expensive than promised. So what’s Jaguar’s plan for when their internal combustion cars run out… and their EVs get postponed to 2027 or later? My money’s on – getting acquired by a Chinese parent company. There’s also this…

Jaguar bond

No one wants an electric Jaguar except posers

Jaguar has let their heritage & potency be regulated out of their brand. And they’ve shown their fanbase no backbone about it. You can argue that Jaguar hasn’t had charisma since the Whitesnake videos. But on the other hand, you can also argue that the late-model supercharged stuff was pretty radical (minus the auto transmissions). As someone who loves cars & hates lies, I’d have 100x more respect & allegiance towards Jaguar if… in their best English accent through a big worldwide microphone… they told all the green-weenie governments to P.I.S.S. off. And then they worked all the ensuing fines & bogus EPA credits into the price of their new badass, well-dressed, legendary British muscle cars. THAT would be a Jaguar worth buying.


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