Because why not, right?

I just picked up not one, but 2 cars to merge into one insane build. The first car is a 1998 Honda Civic EK sedan, the second is a 1999 Honda CR-V AWD. These 2 cars will have parts merged from one another to create an off-road monster.
Project Civic & CR-V

Why an EK Honda Civic?

My first car was this exact body style Civic Sedan. I owned it for about 6 years and did all sorts of modifications to it- I called it a “race car” but it was definitely slow. While I owned it, I wanted to make an alter ego of the car in the way of lifting the same body style car, but it never happened no matter how hard i tried. Now, 4 years later, I get to make my dream a reality.
Civic Race Car

What are the plans for the build?

While there are currently several things up in the air, I can tell y’all that it will be all wheel drive, lifted and it’ll for sure be faster than the stock Civic it started as. So far, all we have done this week is pick up the 2 cars, strip the interiors down and clean them. I’ll be sure to keep everyone posted as the build progresses.
Lifted Honda Civic Garage

Wanna see more?

Be sure to tune in to the YouTube channel Slightly Mangled for detailed updates on the build. I’ll be sure to post frequent recaps of what we do over there on S3’s YouTube page as well, so be sure you are subscribed over there to catch condensed versions, as well as some potential behind the scenes.

Until next time!

Words, photos & video by Ben Battles
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