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Not your average GT-R

Levi’s R35 GT-R is most definitely on the wild side with quadruple digit horsepower, a Rocket Bunny widebody kit and custom air suspension. This week, I had the opportunity to both shoot the car and get a one-on-one interview to ask him a few questions about the car and the story behind it.

How did you come across this car?

“I saw the car at this local car show, Riverside Chattanooga, earlier this year. It just happened that I came across the owner at the show. We started talking and I asked him if it was for sale, he said it was, and the rest is history. I’ve owned the car now for about 3 months I guess.”

R35 Widebody Light Painting

What has the overall ownership experience been like?

“There’s only one word to describe it – Insane. About 1,200+ horsepower on E85 fuel, so it’s pretty quick. The car is tuned by AMS on an Alpha tune. I haven’t taken the car to its first track day yet, as I’m still getting a feel for the car and all of its quirks. I’ll get it there one day.”

R35 GT-R Interior Shot

Tell me the most fun thing you have done with the car so far.

“Honestly, it was just the other night. I took the car out to a local Fast & Furious movie showing and met up with a couple other R35 GT-R owners. I had a great time hanging with those guys – made me feel like I was ‘part of the club’ or something like that. But the other time that sticks out was when you were taking photos of the car, just to see the whole process was kinda surreal.”

R35 GT-R Pan Shot

What cars have you owned previously?

“Let me just say the last 3 cars have been *terrible*… well, maybe 2 out of the past 3; but here you go: I had a 98 Ford Explorer that I named ‘The Exploder’ after the fact because it literally exploded. Next, I had an 04 Chevy Impala that I picked up for cheap. It was cheap for a reason, the transmission kicked itself into neutral every time it stopped at a red light. However, some lady ran a red light and totaled it and I ended up using the insurance money to buy myself a Lexus IS300 that I still have today.”

Widebody R35 GT-R

How does one go from an IS300 to an R35 GT-R?

“Think of it as an investment in yourself – I literally bought this car instead of a house. I was in the market for a house and had a good amount saved up, but seeing as the housing market kept rising, I began looking to fulfill my dreams of owning an R35. It was the perfect storm of a good deal, timing and making sense to purchase.”

Widebody R35 GT-R Rear

Thank you again to Levi for his time and love for the hobby. You can follow him on instagram at @levi_the_jeweler

Words by Ben Battles, Photos by Ben Battles & Benny Whiles