There’s something about a local car show…

I can remember being in middle school, obsessed with cars. One of the things I looked forward to the most was going to local car shows with my dad. Almost every show we attended was local, so I got to see a lot of the same cars – some which are still around today. Flash forward 15 years later, I still find myself going to a lot of the local car shows, seeing the same folks I’ve seen for years and talking to them about what they’ve done since the last show. In fact, I went to one this past 4th of July weekend with my dad and grandpa. Here are some things I noticed while walking around:

Rat Rod Off-Road


Local car shows should always have an eclectic mix of cars. Tuned, stock, exotic, muscle – there’s bound to be something for everyone. You could be walking up to shake the hand of a Mustang owner parked next to a Ferrari. Or you could see a lifted truck right next to one laying frame on the ground. The point being, there’s always a mix at a good show. The one I went to in particular had a 1st generation NSX, a twin turbo Mustang, multiple rat rods and everything in between.

Red NSX, OZ Superleggera

A good mixture of builds

Along the lines of having a diverse showing, each car seemed to be built differently. Most shows these days have a good concentration of Mustangs, Chargers & Camaros – each built their own way. As an example, There were about 15 Mustangs at this show – each one built to their owners specs. While most people look down on these cars, I think they are excellent “blank canvases”. The same thing could be said about Civics – there may be thousands out there, but it’s getting harder to find two that are the exact same.

Twin Turbo Mustang

There’s hope for the next generation

I love this hobby, industry and obsession we call cars. I applaud my parents for encouraging me to pursue my dreams and aspirations, especially in the automotive field. Going to these local car shows, I can see couples my age taking their kids to these shows and watching their eyes spark when they see some of these cars. It doesn’t matter if it’s a McLaren, Ferrari, Toyota or Dodge – everyone has what they like, that’s what makes us unique. I’m just glad these parents are encouraging their kids to get into the hobby.

Here are some photos from the show:


Words & Photos By Ben Battles