As you probably imagined, the Mazda CX-30 is pretty much the same as all the other Mazdas these days, excluding the Miata. In fact – Mazda’s crossover lineup is a lot like those Russian nesting dolls. They all look essentially the same… just pick the size you want. 

So therefore like all Mazdas

The CX-30 drives really well. It’s as engaging as a car like this can get. And like all Mazdas, the CX-30 looks well-designed & swoopy… almost liquid-like. And to me, it’s a such welcome departure from the incoherent/scattered designs we’re seeing from a lot of manufacturers these days. 

Again, like all Mazdas

The interior is driver-focused with great attention to detail & slick color palettes.

But also like all Mazdas, the car is riddled with Mazda’s current ensemble of annoying/overbearing chimes & warnings… which for me… is a dealbreaker. I guess some people want their vehicle to mom them?? But I don’t.

Our Mazda CX-30 came with AWD and the 2.5 turbocharged engine making 250hp & 320tq!

Those are pretty strong numbers for this segment. But in order to get into that engine/drivetrain, you’re touching $32,000 minimum, which easily puts you in the bigger ‘nesting doll’. 

So I dunno – if a sophisticated sub-compact crossover (with AWD, a turbo, and wheel gap) is what you want… this could be the one. 

Mazda CX-30

Engine – 2.5 turbo (with all-wheel-drive)

HP/TQ – 250/320

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