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This is a 100% real life scenario… no ‘paid promotion’ I swear lol. I recently used Prestone Total Cooling System Cleaner in my Porsche 944, and it seems to have totally fixed my overheating issue!

The 944 is kind of a never-ending project… go figure lol.

But it’s a labor of love. And as I’ve been getting this old Porsche 944 back on the road (after sitting for years), it had been running hot. Not officially overheating… but… the temperature gauge was creeping-up enough to where I didn’t have very much faith in the car. I had already replaced a good many cooling components. So the next logical step was to bite the bullet & replace the radiator, which is a bit of an expense on a 944. Now I do have a friend over at Prestone, and I was bouncing my 944 problems off him looking for some professional advice. He told me, “Before you go replace the radiator, try some of our Total Cooling System Cleaner.”

I’ve never been one to have much faith in those ‘magic in a bottle’ products you see at the auto parts store.

You know… those isles of magic cleaners & stop-leaks, etc. BUT – I asked this man for his advice, so I was gonna listen to what he had to say lol. He seemed pretty confident. So I went to the parts store, bought a bottle of Prestone Total Cooling System Cleaner, and 2 jugs of Prestone anti-freeze/coolant. Here’s the quick step-by-step…

  1. I drained the old antifreeze/coolant, which in this case happened to be fairly fresh Prestone. 
  2. Next, I added the bottle of Prestone’s Total Cooling System Cleaner into the empty cooling system… then filled it up the rest of the way with regular hose water. 
  3. Then, I let the car idle for an hour or so. As the car gets to temperature & idles, the Prestone Total Cooling System Cleaner begins working, and breaks-away corrosion from the inner walls of the cooling system. After a little over an hour, I turned the car off & let it cool back down. 
  4. Once it was cool enough to touch, I drained the fluid, refilled the entire system with just hose water only, and let the car run/idle for about 15 more minutes. This is just to flush-out any remaining corrosion & cleaner. You could literally see the flakes of corrosion in the drain pan.
  5. After letting the car cool once more, I drained that water from the system, AND THEN (final step) refilled the cooling system with Prestone’s Antifreeze + Coolant. (ready-to-use 50/50 mix).

And now that it’s been a month or so, the 944 seems… totally fixed!

I can’t believe it! I’m honestly blown away that anything in a bottle could make a noticeable difference… but it did! I mean – with all the work that I’ve put into this 944, none of it means a hill of beans if I don’t have faith in the car. If I have to stress every red-light or hill on my route, or drive super-delicately because I don’t trust the cooling system. I feel like I can really start driving the car now! Like an anchor’s been lifted!

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