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Type-Rs are cool, because they really open up power-wise & hit a sweet spot with just a few mods: Intake, exhaust, intercooler, & tune. With quality parts, you’ll be in the 360-370hp range… and have a REALLY fun, well engineered car. 

OVERHEATING, however, is the Type-R’s achilles heel. It’s only an issue in extreme circumstances (hot-lapping), nevertheless, it’s an area that probably should be tackled early if you’re interested in track days. 

Mishimoto Intercooler Kit

Mishimoto offers a complete intercooler kit for the CTR. Everything you need is there, including piping, and mounting brackets/supports to keep everything tight & secure for the long haul. And as you can see in the photo, the Mishimoto intercooler core is way beefier than stock, flowing more efficiently & outpacing some of the heat soaking issues. 

Mishimoto Intake

The Mishimoto intake separates the filter from the surrounding engine heat, and pulls fresh air from the nose of the car. You’re gonna need an intake, and Mishi’s is as good as any of ‘em on the market.

Mishimoto Oil Cooler

The Mishimoto Oil Cooler Kit for the Civic Type-R has two main functions: 1) It allows for more oil capacity, slightly over 6 quarts. And 2) It obviously gives the oil a chance to cool more, by running it through the cooler itself. The CTR kit installs cleanly & sensibly, and attaches back into the oil system via a sandwich plate at the OEM oil filter location. The oil cooler mounts right behind the driver’s side foglight. So to maximize its benefits, USR shaved the OEM grille… to make those fake CTR vents actually functional. And – we removed the OEM foglight, to allow additional airflow through the foglight opening.

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