Whiteline Lowering Springs

At this earlier stage in the game, we’ve chosen to go with Whiteline lowering springs over immediately installing coilovers. Here’s why: The ‘R Mode’ on the Type-R is really good. Like… really good y’all. And there have been some really smart Honda-employed drivers & and engineers involved with its design. The R-Mode suspension is hands-down one of the best selling points of the Type-R. So we want a chance to experience that, and not necessarily just rip everything out thinking we can make it better. If I had a Civic Sport, yes coilovers all day. But on an R, you might install coilovers only to make the car worse. I’ve been told by the Type-R track guys that you can improve the car if you truly dial-in a set of higher end coilovers. But don’t forget, we also drove this car 7,000 miles in 10 days, so it needs to perform well – everywhere. NOT just on a manicured 2.5-mile track. 

Whiteline Rear Swaybar

Jason from USR also said you can improve the Type-R with an aftermarket rear swaybar, so we got one from Whiteline while we were getting the lowering springs. The new rear swaybar  will allow the car to rotate a little better in corners… which will allow a good driver to get a little more out of it. We’ll see what it does for an average driver like me lol. To translate that – it will allow the rear to rotate (step out minimally… hopefully minimally) in hard cornering. Which will reduce understeer & set you up to exit the corner faster. Install on the rear swaybar is pretty straightforward & simple.