For the exhaust, we went with Thermal R&D. We got their cat-back exhaust, downpipe, and catless test pipe. So from the turbo, all the way to the chrome tips… it’s all Thermal R&D… and its completely unrestricted. And man does it sound good!

This is no doubt a driver’s exhaust. It’s not for the timid. In fact if we’re being candid – was expecting this exhaust system to be more on the subtle/quiet (aka: boring) end of the spectrum lol. Not true. It’s got all that low-end BRAP of an old school B16. And when the car winds out through the higher RPMs, man does it sing! If you can get it to reverb off some buildings or a guard rail… even better lol. Tunnels will be the best part of your day. It almost sounds like a dang rotary engine in the 5,000 RPM range… or dare I even say… older Ferrari?? (At least from the driver’s seat.) So smooth, good, and pitch-perfect. My only fair warning… is that this exhaust can drone when you’re sitting in 6th gear in the 50-65mpg range. To lessen that drone, just go to 5th and/or crack a window.