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Polestar – they’re just dainty. Like if IKEA & paper straws got together, rubbed pee-pees, and made a car. But hang on a minute – because the more I look at this newly released Polestar 4, the more it draws me in. 

Polestar rear window

First – let’s acknowledge the elephant in the room: 

The Polestar 4 has no rear window – at all. Instead, it uses a camera for rear vision. Edgy move… but like… dumb. C’mon though, what do you expect when the tech industry takes over the auto industry? Polestar should have done something more in the vein of a Honda CRX & incorporated a small rear window with the large, rearward-extended glass roof. That would have been savvy. 

Polestar 4

But I honestly didn’t start this article to talk about the Polestar 4’s lack of a rear window…

I was looking beyond that. Because what grabbed me, was the stance & proportions of this car. Let it soak in for a minute. Because – there is some really good, slick design presence in this Polestar 4. In a current automotive design landscape where most everything is a straight-up dumpster fire… this Polestar 4 has really cohesive & sophisticated design implementation. It has an athletic stance. And it rides that line between car & crossover very well.  The headlights & taillights are chiseled. They’re strong, but not obnoxious or overdone. And the Polestar 4’s got fender arches & a swoopy fastback rear end… slightly akin to a Lamborghini Urus. You might say that’s blasphemy. But I say, Lamborghini’s the one who made a crossover, so they sh¡t in that bed… not me. 

Polestar 4 glass roof

Polestar boasts their 3.8-second 0-60 blah blah blah.

EVs flex their 0-60 times because it’s the only trick they’ve got. But when EV owners talk about performance, it always reminds me of that ‘bags of sand’ scene in The 40 Year Old Virgin. 

Anyway – I didn’t come to talk about the EV side of this Polestar 4.

Of course I wish this thing had a supercharged V8, or a madass turbo 4-banger with a manual transmission! Absolutely! But that’s not the point. Rather – I came to compliment the design of the Polestar 4. Well done Polestar! Now go find your Sweedish/Chinese meatballs & put a real motor in it. 🙂

Polestar 4 interior

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