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The Greatest Show On Earth (Probably)

David's Bagged Rubystone R8

Another year, another incredible show. Riverside is a show you can’t quite fully explain… but that’s not going to stop me from trying. Their slogan “Come For The Cars, Stay For The People” is 100% accurate. Sure, the cars are incredible – they always are – but it’s the PEOPLE that really make this show so great. You’ll meet lifelong friends at this show. People come from all over – including across the pond – for this show. It’s the show I look forward to the most every year. And that’s the thing, it only happens ONCE every year. On top of that, the actual show is a one day event. Sure, there’s pre meets and after parties, but the meat & potatoes is Saturday.

Let me take you for an in-depth look at what Riverside weekend looks like through my lens (& Sam’s!)


Annas JDM 3 Series

Noon comes around & before the first pre-meet even kicks off, I have this gorgeous JDM BMW to shoot downtown. RHD, all Japanese warning labels and Japanrot paint.


1PM: I go check on the guys & gals down at the pavilion setting up for the show.

Mason Gavin

Mason Gavin, Mr. Riverside himself & our friends were hard at work…

Brent & Doggo

… well, for the most part, anyway.

The Sedan Meet

Slammed Lexus Sedan

2PM: 4-door fans rejoice!!! A meet themed around sedans downtown off the riverfront. Weather was picturesque.

Sinh Nguyễn Evn Roller

This guy followed me around pretty much all weekend. Spoiler alert, it’s Sinh!

Michaels Dodge Ram

And then Michael rolled up in a 2 door truck. Wild stuff.

Daulton's Mercedes 300D

3PM: Back to another photoshoot. This time, Daulton’s Mercedes 300D. Bagged, paint matched engine & air tank, 79hp diesel engine… good stuff & great dude.

The Wagon Meet

Evo & Stepwgn

Honestly, it’s what I didn’t capture here that made the weekend just that much better. It started to rain, so we all went to the Bitter Alibi for food & drinks. Good times with great friends.

The Okeydoke Official Riverside Pre-Meet

Riverside 8 Pre Meet Imports

6PM: Rain finally moved out of the area and everyone showed up to the Finley Stadium parking lot.

Bagged Ranger

Like… EVERYONE showed up. AND everything!

Slammed Infiniti M30

Cars like this M30 that I had NEVER seen before were all over the place. Such a unique crowd to give a taste of what tomorrow would bring.

Lewii's President


Big Wing S2K


Cameron's Evo

Cameron’s Evo just might be the fastest thing in the parking lot. 1k+HP car with drag radials on all 4 corners. This car means business.

Liam Filming Keck's Vette

Here’s Liam doing his thing! Can’t wait to see what coverage he got!

Taking Pictures On Computer

Speaking of coverage – this guy was taking photos with his VivoBook. No camera needed but the one on the laptop. Wild.

Brendon's Subie

9PM: Back to the photoshoots! Brendon’s Subie was TOO GOOD!!!

Ken's Civic Si

Followed up with Ken’s Civic. Blue photographs good in light painting for sure. 11PM came quick and it was time to end the day.

Saturday: Riverside

Alex's Ferrari F430 Riverside

8AM: Admittedly, I slept in, rolled out of bed and hopped in my car. When I got to the show, pretty much all the vendors had their stuff out, ready to go.

S3Magazine Booth At Riverside FINALLY

Including us!

S3 Hats

We brought some new hats that were INCREDIBLY popular (we still have some left over – if you want one, click here!)

S3 Stickers & Plate Frames

AND new stickers!!!

Wooley & Mike Just Chillin

Mike & Wooley held it down alllllll day. Although, Wooley did admit on our Riverside podcast that they just hung out all day, which sounds great to me. Mike’s an OG for those Cape Cods.

Deuster's Cars

Anyway – back to the cars, right?

Gauge's Lowrider

One of the coolest things about Riverside is the diversity of cars. Case & point.

R32 Sedan Prep

9am: Everyone is putting the final polish on their rides before the gates open.

Theraflu RX7

Side note, this is when the lighting is arguably at its best here. Well, that, and sunset. Makes sense, I suppose.

V12 Toyota Century on Emitz

One observation to note, the true JDM imports are becoming less and less of a minority here. It’s a great thing! Love seeing more of these cars stateside get some recognition.

Battlegang Squad

The. Homies. And. The. Vibes.


The quality of cars in the pavilion was at an all time high this year.

Caleb's RX7 Airlift Booth

Vendor cars were hand picked to be the best of the best.

S15 Silvia

This car was swarmed by spectators all day long.

Time Attack Nissan Z

Race-frickin-cars, man.

Nick's Bagged Alfa 4C

Nick’s Alfa, looking good and impractical as ever.

Grayson's BMW Lineup

10am: The parking lot filled up FAST.

Riverside Show Parking Staff Friends

Parking crew homies were on the radio saying they were parking cars literally anywhere they could!

Riverside Parking Lot Prep

Everyone was out detailing their cars once they got parked. Man, I should have at least wiped my Stepwgn down. Whoops.

Adrian, Andrew & Scott Kei Cars

These cars could almost all park in one space!!! Aren’t they just so SMOL?!?!

Red Pajero Evo Manual In The USA

On the opposite spectrum of JDM cars: This. Pajero Evo, red, manual, one of like 25 ever. Crazy stuff.

Then the gates opened:

Sinh Sliding Around Like A Goob

Once everyone was parked, the gates fully opened and everyone walked in… or, slid in… or whatever.

The CROWD At Riverside

Noon: This is what the pavilion looks like when the gates open. PACKED. If you weren’t here, sorry you missed it.

K Swapped MR2

The drag radials, 1320Video plate frame and exhaust dump should indicate this car is NOT stock. It definitely is not.

Brandon's RX7

That’s a weird looking highlighter…

Southeast Import's Suzuki Cara Just Chilling

Look at this Suzuki Cara! Chilling under the awning with the doors up. So cool.

Matthew's Charger & Widebody 86

I bet a lot of folks didn’t even see these cars due to them being parked on the far side. They do look cool parked by themselves though!

J's Racing Booth Cars

The J’s Racing booth cars = AMAZING. That is all.

Wheelprice Homies

After walking the whole show, I sat down and did some interviews with some friends. Had an amazing time, but before I knew it, the lot started to clear.

Araz & Aleek Cressidas

5PM: Time to go. It hasn’t fully sunk in that the good times will soon come to an end.

Ludwick's Garage Setup

Everyone is tearing down their booths before you can even blink.

Alex Martinez Filming

Some folks, like Alex, are filming end of Riverside content.

Nik's BMW Kart

6PM: Back to the photoshoots with the best lighting possible.

Luke & Tim Turner BMW Racecars

The BEST lighting possible. Too good.

Slammed VW Wagons

Combo shoots back to back…

Wheelprice Cars

…to back. Wasn’t planned for sure, but here we are.

Crumpton's Integra

7PM: As the sun continues to set, I have my last photoshoot of Saturday. A beautiful Integra race car. After this, I went to hang out with the staff, vendors & friends at the afterparty. What. A. Day.


Andrew's Modified S2000

9am: Back at it again with a photoshoot to start the day. Andrew’s S2K was incredible. So many quality parts on this car. Seeing it wrecked last year to now… you wouldn’t believe it was the same car, really.

The S-Chassis Meet

S Chassis Meet

10am: The last post-meet. One last hurrah.

S Chassis After Meet

Honestly, it was so much fun. However, my weekend was not quite over yet.

Cody's 500HP Beetle

1PM: Bug-A-Palooza was also in town over the weekend, an all VW Show. I promised some friends I’d show up – and I’m glad I did. I got to shoot this 500ish HP Fender Edition Beetle (with a huge wing)

Alex's Westfalia

And then I had the pleasure of getting all up in this Westfalia Bus. So cool to see a camper in such decent shape these days – especially this generation.

Stepwgn Baseball Field

5pm: Time to sit down and eat some celebratory pizza. Literally. THATS A WRAP

This was the best Riverside ever. I genuinely mean it. The show was just SEVERAL steps up from last year. Worth the price of admission and then some, and then some more. Congratulations to Mason, Karley and everyone that make Riverside the overwhelming success it is. I cannot wait until next year. I hope to see everyone there.

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Photos by Ben Battles & Sam Igel

Text by Ben Battles

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