Riverside returns to Chattanooga

The 7th show in Riverside’s history has officially wrapped. One of the greatest shows of all time, with the motto of “Come for the cars, stay for the people.” – Could not be more true. Over the weekend we saw many of our friends and spent countless hours with them. Our resident photographer Ben Battles was able to attend a total of 8 meets outside of the show, plus the main event & 12 additional photoshoots. This is our complete & comprehensive coverage of Riverside 7.


The weekend officially kicked off at 4PM on Thursday with the 90’s only meet. Cars from the 90’s were definitely in the majority and really got me excited for Chattanooga’s upcoming RADwood event later this month.

90s only mercedes lineup

Karley brought her two wagons, one new, one old – and Dan brought his Mercedes as well. All super cool.

Bagged Mercedes under overpass

After that meet was over, our friend Liam hosted a pop up meet down the street under a bridge.

Oljiati Bridge Meet

It was sunset, which was prime for photoshoots.

BMW Under bridge

Everyone came out to support this show, especially the locals.


Grant brought out his highly modified transit.

Ford RS Wheel Change

Folks were already fitting their show wheels for the weekend.

Latta BMW & Civic

After about an hour, parking enforcement came out and began to shut the meet down. Fun while it lasted.

Polaroid Honda Orthia

My friend Ezra left me a little something to remember it by. Thanks again.


Wheelprice Hondas

An early start on Friday at 11am with Ludwick’s pre-meet. Got to hang out and meet some new friends.

Ludwick Corvair

Ludwick brought out his Corvair – it’s sitting on the ground quite literally.

Miata in Parking Lot

Lots of cool cars came out to hang. My friend Aaron and I split off for lunch in between this and the next meet.

Chattanooga Riverside Wagn Meet

Karley hosted the Wagn Meet – a station wagon themed meet. I loved it – might have been my favorite meet of the weekend.

Audi RS6 Lowered

Wagons of all kinds showed up, both old AND new.

Ben's 911

Finally, it was time for the official pre meet.

Riverside Pre Meet GT-R

Cars poured in and filled the parking lot.

JDM Lineup

There was a great, eclectic mix of automobiles on display.

BMW M Lineup

Some even parked together strategically.

David's R8 Light Painting

After the meet began to die down after dark, some friends and I got together for some light painting.

BMW M3 Drift Car Light Painting

Results were 10/10.


Anthony & Alexander Cima's

I woke up at 6am to get started with a double photoshoot. These Cima’s were absolutely gorgeous.

Alex's Bagged F430

Shortly after, I met up with Alex of Fitment Industries to shoot his F430.

Riverside Parking Lot Prep

Keep in mind, it wasn’t even 9am yet, folks were still prepping for the show out in the parking lot across the way.

Drift Car Unloading

I took a photo of this mustang, which had to be the loudest I had ever heard.

Don's Lowered A8L

Hi, Don!

Zane's Rolls Royce & Lambo

Quick Everett’s had quite the display outside of the show. Zane brought his RR, P brought like 4 Ferrari’s and a Lambo.

Nick's 4C & Michael's Fiat

These 2 managed to sneak in with those supercars (joking!) Nick’s 4C and Michael’s Abarth.

Ludwick's Garage

Once inside of the pavilion, Ludwick’s garage has both of their cars out.

Scott's Drift Car

Scott & Dan were manning the Grip Royal booth.

Gauge's Lowrider Impala

Gauge parked his Impala up on 3 wheels next to the booth.

Eric's Bagged Arteon

Eric had his Arteon out with some dope looking 3 piece wheels.

Ramon's JDM Interior

Ramon’s Nissan had newly wrapped doors & jambs to match the interior. So killer.

Keckster's Bagged C4

Keckster’s bagged C4 stole the show towards the back of the pavilion.

Michael's Static Slammed GS

Michael’s GS was looking incredible. Can’t believe how far I have seen this car come over the past couple years.

Show Time

Riverside Show Roll In

Once 10am rolled around, cars started to pour into the Riverside parking lot.

Adrian's Honda Today

Adrian brought his Honda Today. Take a look at the Genesis behind it with a supercharged 6.2 swap.

Subi Slammed & Cambered

Once all of the showcase filled up, the crowds began to build.

Obsessed Booth Lineup

Everyone’s cars were looking amazing.

Slammed BMW

Cars were parked tighter than ever, making for more cars in the same space as before.

Slammed Genesis Coupe

Quality was through the roof. This red Genesis was one of my favorite cars there.

Miniature Cima

Again, attention to detail was the highest it has ever been.

Slammed Ford Escort Wagon

Out in the showcase lot, there was great variety.

Jon's Static Slammed Jetta

Jon wrapped his Jetta the week before the show and it looked amazing. He rides so low, he scraped a hole in his gas tank & had to fuel cell it.

Justin's Slammed Previa

Justin brought his Previa out and it looked like a UFO.

Widebody Nissan President

This slammed, widebody Nissan President was a major attention grabber.

Icy 370Z & Sambar

I think this showcases the diversity of cars at this years Riverside. Love it.

Koleton's Bagged R32

Here’s a car we have featured before. Koleton’s R32 – except this time it is on air suspension.

Corey & Kelvin Bagged Trucks

Corey & Kelvin showed out in their bagged trucks.

Marlboro Livery Civic

Of course, spectator parking was a show all of its own. Lots of cool stuff there, too.

Jake's Gambler 500 Civic

Jake actually CLEANED his Gambler build off before making it out. He’s been the driving force behind our AWD civic project – you should check it out!

Genesis Press Car

Can’t forget our trusty press car that got us through the weekend!

Riverside After Party

Once the show ended, the Riverside after party began.

After Party Line

Cars lined up for about a mile just to get in.

After Party Photoshoots

It was a great turnout, but after a while, things got a little too rowdy and local law enforcement sent everyone away.

Blas Light Painting

But the night was not over for yours truly.

Dakota Light Painting

I got together with a couple friends and we experimented with some advanced light painting. Great results and fun times.


Guy & Matthew's Boosted Hondas

Bright and early, fighting off a migraine, I shot these two gorgeous cars. Can’t wait to share more later!

Caleb's JZ Swapped RX-7

Speaking of sharing later, this JZ swapped RX-7 will definitely be making a feature soon! Such an overall amazing car & a great owner. Thanks Caleb for letting me shoot the car.

Havoc After Meet

After the morning shoots, Havoc, one of the local car groups, hosted the after meet. A lot of folks dropped by to say goodbye before leaving town.

Twin GT-R Light Painting

Last shoot of Riverside weekend went to these 2 gorgeous GT-R’s. Weekend = DONE.

I had such a great time hanging with everyone. I wish every weekend were as cool as this one. One to remember for a lifetime.

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Text & Photos by Ben Battles

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