It was hot as shit out. The kind of hot that makes your balls stick to the inside
of your knee. Alex and I were both hanging out inside his car on pit row inside
Nashville Super Speedway. The car that had been staged in front of us was
now fading into the left sweeper of turn one. It was now our turn to go. I was
nervous… but a good kind of nervous. See, this was my first time ever drifting on
a track, in a legit drift car….

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Tiger Racing SR20DET @300WHP
S15 T28 Turbo
Eagle Rods
Wiseco Pistons
ACL Race Bearings
Mazworx Headstuds
BC Valvesprings + Retainers
Greddy Oil Cooler/Filter Relocation
HKS Actuator
Nismo 740cc Injectors
Aeromotive FPR
ISIS Turbo Manifold
ISIS Intake Manifold

PBM Cobra Pipe
Reinhard Exhaust
Apexi PowerFC

Custom 4.5″ Aluminium Driveshaft
Kaaz 1.5 Way LSD

PBM Coilovers
PBM Tension Rods
PBM Traction Rods
PBM Toe Rods
PBM Subframe Risers
Tein Tie Rods
GT-Spec Front and Rear Strut Bars
Z32 Front Brakes
Project Mu D1 Rear Pads

Formula-D Spec Roll cage
Sparco Racing Seats
G-Force Harnesses
Still Hood Shift Knob

OEM 180sx Type-X Aero
OEM N1 Air Ducts
DMax FRP Hood
Origin Rear Overs
Origin Roof Wing
Retrolit Modified 180sx Tail lights
Volk Racing TE37s

Tiger Racing for building an incredible engine that has got me through every event it’s
ever been in; Tim Wallace of Wallace Paint & Body for the paintjob inside and outside, including the wheels; Zach Junquera for the Formula D roll cage, gutting, and repairing my two crushed quarterpanels; Retrolit Customs for modifying my tail lights with LEDs and Halos; Gran Turismo East for all my tires and alignments; BG @ Enjuku Racing for all the parts; Kenda for the tires I drift on; Foerst Motorwerks; S2 Drift Events; Driftmechaniks; S3 Magazine; Team Rowdy

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