This car is not for everyone. It’s not gonna be for most people. Does best always have to do with nicest.
In some cases – yes. We should be able to look at something that is finished and flawless, and admire it.
But if, as a culture, that is the only path that we are going down… then we are in trouble. Because going
for one ‘perfect’ look, allows a lot of evils to enter our minds, and our culture. It allows us to be a
culture that is competitive, but any advantages are based only on income, and privilege. And that’s
dangerous. That’s Babylon. To look at your brother… and tell him “you aint got shit, I have it all, get on
my level” seems totally fucked. And not just in the car culture, that can be taken to your whole life. It’s
an ignorant mentality… and it becomes part of our general culture’s mentality, because that’s what
floods us. We’ve got that “fuck you, look at me” attitude pouring in from damn near every influence in
American culture. It’s all we see on our shitty TV reality shows. It’s all we hear in our shitty mainstream

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Ae92 4agze swap [supercharged 4a]
Bigport intake cam
55mm 4age throttle body
Port matched and polished j-pipe
Adjustable cam gears
Jdm Blitz 14psi. Overdrive crank pulley
Custom s/c outlet
2″ piping
ABV mod
Walboro 255
OBX 4-1 header
Test pipe
2″ exhaust
Nopi $25 muffler- lol.
Civic 3 row alum. 1/2 radiator
Spec stage 3 6-puck clutch
Trd 4:778 r&p
Cusco 2-way lsd

Shine auto j-blood replica front bumper
Shine auto j-blood replica skirts
Origin rear bumper
Jdm trueno bumper signals
8000k HID headlights
3000k HID fogs
Kouki jdm redline tail lights [zenki car]
spaced hood
Cut and spaced front fenders
Diy rear fender flairs
Kouki rear conversion

Full interior
Sparco street fighter seat
G-force 4-5 point harness
Ebay steering wheel
T3 short shifter
NRG CF weighted Ti knob
Autometer CF ultralite boost gauge
Cusco spin turn knob
Pioneer DEH-3200UB head unit
V3 4″dash speakers
V3 6×9 rears [wal-mart yo, lol]

Ebay front strut tower bar
BC Racing Coilovers
Megan b-pillar bar from 2007 civic
Ebay DC4 rear strut tower bar
Brembo drilled and slotted rotors on all 4’s
ebc bluestuff pads in front
Hawk pads in rear
brembo stainless brake lines
Aero racing 13×10 wheels
185 60 13 tires

ACT clutch