By God, we got a couple race cars on our hands!

A couple weekends ago, I was invited to a hangout by my good friend Sinh (who a few of you probably remember from the cover of issue 55). It was at our friend Dan’s house. It ended up being more of his kids birthday party… then it turned into a hangout. Hey, no complaints here, fun was had by all. After Sinh *painstakingly* installed a windshield banner on Dan’s 350Z, we decided to go out for a drive with some friends, get some photos & video. Let me tell you about these machines.

Dan’s 350Z

Nismo Front End 350Z

Like the title states, this thing is supercharged – more on that in a second. Dan has had this car for a while now. I’m talking like ten YEARS. And this car has been through quite a bit through those years. But now, this thing is a total freak on the street.

350Z On Sakura Pink Gram Lights

Dan dressed the car up with plenty of good stuff. Of course, most people immediately notice the Sakura Pink Gram Lights. Totally a factory color on those which is pretty wild. Behind the wheels are a set of upgraded 370Z brakes.

350Z Top Secret Diffuser

Down the sides, you’ll find some exposed carbon Tommy Kaira side spats. Moving to the back, there’s a Nismo wing to match the front bumper and a Top Secret diffuser. Inside, there’s a couple of very comfy Veilside seats and Bridgemoto harnesses.

Procharged 350Z Engine Bay

Lastly, under the hood – where all 500WHP are stored away. A supercharged HR motor making 500HP is just crazy. There’s no lag – just raw power. Props to Dan for building a crazy good street machine. Last I heard, the plan is to take it to the track. I’ll have to report back on that one.

Sinh’s Evo 8

Evo 8 Sunset

To be fair, Sinh has owned a lot of crazy cars over the 10+ years I have known him. However, this Evo is the wildest of them all. This is not your “typical” Evo by any stretch of the imagination.

Pray To The Stance Gods

Starting with the exterior, the car has a full Varis kit. I’m talking front, rear, sides and carbon fiber wing. The hood and trunk are both Seibon carbon pieces.

Volk TE37 & Brembo Brakes

The wheels are Volk TE37’s and the brakes are upgraded Brembos – always a winning combo. The interior is mostly factory, minus a healthy shifter setup from IRP and a Bell Works hub/Personal wheel combo.

Evo 8 Engine Bay

Just like the 350Z, there’s a LOT going on under the hood. Firstly, it’s running E85. Second, it has an upgraded turbo. Lastly, it has several additional supporting mods to bring it to 550WHP. Talk about an insane launch.

This Is My Track Day Shirt


Here’s the video! Let me know if you enjoy this and maybe we can do more like it in the future.

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Text, Photos & Video by Ben Battles

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